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It's tough to play and I don't really understand, where to exactly look at to find the "Lighting strike". Because usually  when it's lighthing, it's shines half of the screen.

So it's more about blindly guessing. And sometimes you can't even click in the place, where you think, that the stirke is, because the green  "storm catcher" dissapears when you're moving him far from center.

I think, you could add sound feedback, so let's say, before it strikes, just put the first sound effect and then randomly wait some time and then visually strike.  Of course, 3d sound to  be able to listen, where it might strike from. 

But of course, I know, 3 hours is too little to implement it, just throwing some ideas if you want to continue working on it post jam.

You misunderstood. When lightning strikes you first see the flash and after some delay (the theme of the jam) you hear the sound.

The circles on the ground are a map that you are at the center of, and each line represents 300 meters. The Speed of Sound is 341 meters per second.

So you can tell which direction the lightning is by looking at the shadows. And you can tell the distance by counting the time between the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder.

Och, nevermind. Didn't hear the sound, because i had my headphones off. But still, I think you will benefit a lot from 3d sound instead of "2d" one. But I totally get the time restrictions and it's tough to make everything in 3 hours. And also, that's how  it works in real world(first you see the light, then sound)

But anyway, with the tip of following shadow helped a bit with direction, but still, it's  a lot of guessing there involved.  

So my bad there haha, trying to change the speed of sound to be faster than light one :D