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Game viewport in browser is a bit too big for a browser window, but luckily you can go fullscreen, so it's  ok there

And also,  spaming LMB might be a bit hurting after some time(I'll consider shooting when you hold instead of press, because there are more and more of them, so practically you're not stopping)

You could add maybe some kind of combos, when you shoot enemies one by one and the beat changes  a bit depending on how many you killed quickly.

Or just bonus for hitting in certain times of the beat. But sure, to implement more time is needed than that. But anyway, as a 3 hours entry, is cool :)

Thanks for your feedback - I am glad you liked the game !

I thought about using keys to hit enemies on beat (obviously couldn't get that to work at all in the jam version) but you need to mouse to aim anyway and just "autofire" doesn't quite feel right for that.  I'll add classic autofire for a post-jam version just to see how that would work.

Love the idea of making the beat more intense as more and more enemies are on screen while making some nice flashy sounds for combos.

Thanks again for your input :)