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There is limited ammo count, but I don't see any way how to  get more ammo. 

And when hit by enemies, there is no health system/ game over condition. It's just about  getting as much score as possible with limited ammo count. Then you can just bump into  enemies and that's it.

But anyway, the concept with bigger delay when enemy hit you is interesting. Maybe you could add a time limit and in that limit, kill as many as possible while avoiding them to get the low delay of shooting? And once per some time drop something, what will  decrease that delay.

But I totally get it,  3 hours is not that much. Visually game itself looks nice with some post-processing effects. 

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Thanks for the feedback. I forgot to write in the description that if you press ‘R’ you reload. This challenge was super stressfull but also fun. I’m gonna participate in the next jam.