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Fun little game and simple in terms of controls.

But thing is: What does luck mean? What it gives to you? Chances to get critical strike? And also with items, it would be great to know, what exactly these stats are(e.g how much protection armor level 3 gives you, helmet level 2 and so on)

But I totally get it. Time restrictions, and despite, you spent more than 3 hours, it's cool and polished game.

And with the progression thing... For me it's totally fine. It's just matter of balancing game(how much exp you gain for the specific enemy, gold, how big are differences between levels of armor and weapon and so on) And also, what I'm missing, there is no indication how much gold are you getting from enemy and, for example, if you kill him once, is the value decreasing or same.

It has a lot of potential. It reminds me a bit of swords and sandals, but much simplified(I mean, here you just care of right timing to lower your spear while in battle, outside, it's about getting the right things and experiment).

Ey we took into account your feedback and we reworked the game with these update:

Progress is not lost when defeated jousting.
Progression speeded up.
Stats and Items explained in-game.
Exp and gold obtained shown in menu and Victory/Defeat panel.
Royal Knight is the strongest.
Fixed horse running sound clitch.

We are happy to hear any feedback on the current version, thanks!