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I like this mechanic of capturing enemies to be actually your teammates. It looks like building your own team from scratch(i like the team managment/ your own army meta-game or something like in Barn Battles, where you can basically get anyone as your own unit). I like the mechanics of game and it looks greatly polished as for 7 days jam game. I wouldn't make such a game in one month and you made it in 7 days. So I respect your skill and experience. I hope, that one day I'll be somewhat close to you in this regard.

You know that, because you said it in video, but enemies can get stuck and don't know how to attack you, so they move here and there every turn while you move your second unit to loot all the boxes.

And secondly, I didn't found, that anyone mentioned it, but you can actually attack your allies and kill them(I discovered it accidentally to be honest) Maybe it was left intended, e.g, when you want to capture other unit and want take some apples,  you can simply sacrifice your unit to get better unit.