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Francisco Delledonne

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Muchas gracias! <3

Oh great!

Loved it

Loved it very clever and quite hard

Its cute, i expected more interactions with the gold piles apart of moving them off the way

That's an interesting interpretation, what's happening is that sometimes the racoon doesn't respond to your order, beacause its too nervious, and that makes him more anxious so the darkness grows, this incentivises playing calmly

The funny thing with the word comfort is that we the developers speak spanish and comfort is written with N instead of M in spanish

Thanks for playing!

Very nice, doesn't fil a lot in the theme but is pretty cool

I loved it, ist a great mechanic, level desing of level 3 is a bit hard tho but great work!

This have a lot of potential! i'd love to play more levels, good job!

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its very fun! i wish i can shoot myself, doging you own bulltets and lure enemies to the is a good concept

I really like it, i wish to play more levels! 

Good luck!

Indeed i was feching the mouse global position insted of the local and relative to the player there is a fixed version on the description, i will update this when the voting ends.

Thanks for playing!

This version have some bugs, there is a fixed version on the description, i will update this when the voting ends.

Thanks for playing!

Makes us very happy that you feel identified with the game!

English is not our native language so it's normal to have some errors I will add colors to the dialogues when i can update it's a very good advice!

Thank you for playing and the kind words, it means a lot to us!

Shoot to move? thats a classic! haha

I loved it! the voices and mister robot references are nice touches

I wish opening a door closes the other, i can't type that fast haha

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I loved it! its quite hard!

Good luck!

Is promising but i did't understand it well

Fot next time you should give player more feedback of therr actions

Good luck!

I really liked it!

I would love a new version with levels and ship upgrades!

Good luck!

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I loved that you made a level editor and the ps1 aestethic, the base level i find it a bit harsh but i loved the idea! good luck!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

I will be checking your game indeed! ;)

Thank you for playing!

I loved your game!

Yes,we wanted to include more actions but time is treacherous.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Is good to know that we a re inspiring good feelings

Thank you so much!

Yes we wanted to have so more actions but as always time constraints,

Good luck!

worst comment so far

Criticism is good when you actually say something

I loved it have all my stars

Very funny but also very hard

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I really liked it! my best was 205

the beeping noises are a bit too much :P

It's hilarious! but a bit clunkey 

Clever idea but it could be better executed

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Very nice! welcome to the godot gang!

I loved it! i couldn't finish it because i lost a tire, but is very clever!

I loved the idea very clever! here is ours!

You uploaded a zip with a web version, it cant be played that way :(