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Awesome job! Really creative concept and nice dialogue!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Awesome job completing this in only the last few hours! Great work!

Awesome job! Super fun concept and well executed! The difficulty meter is a nice touch as well. Overall great work!

Really enjoyed the artwork and the dialogue! Great job!

Game looks great! There's a lot of potential in the concept here. I would love to see you finish this after the jam ends!

Yea, I realized that. I'm working on changing the difficultly. Thanks!

That's strange... I know the game takes a while to start-up sometimes. If there's a different error, can you show me a screenshot?

Cool game! I really liked it! My only issue is that the beeping sound is a bit annoying, but that's a small complaint. Nice job!

Bizarre, yet pretty fun. I think it would be a good idea to have some sort of bar representing the parasites hunger. Nice work!

Cool game but execution could use some fine-tuning. It's possible to win pretty easily by endlessly sniping one of the baby-bots from the center; it would be cool to have some sort of system where the player is rewarded if they are able to keep multiple baby-bots alive. Overall, I had fun and the presentation of the game is SUPER well-done! Nice work!

I found the game:

This is a really cool minimalist game! It would be cool to have more mechanics introduced as the game goes on. Nice work!

This is great! Everything is so well executed! Good job!

Yeah I noticed those things when I was submitting it. Maybe I'll fix them in a quick update? Thanks for playing!

Cool concept! I only wish it was longer.

Awesome job!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! I tried to remove the pressure in the first level by having the enemy face away from the player, but your idea is much better. Thanks! 

This is awesome. You did such a good job with the execution of such a cool idea. Well done!

Cool game! I found the controls to be a bit stiff, but once I got used to it, it was a fun time. Nice work!

Nice game! It's a simple idea but you executed it super well! It ended up getting pretty hard really quick, but it never felt unfair! Good job!

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I really like this. It's an interesting take on the theme. My only issue is that the game doesn't seem to get more difficult as it progresses (but that's a very small issue). Good work!

Is that opening cutscene... a Hong Kong 97 reference?

6 hours till launch! YEAAAHHH!

Great game! The graphics and audio have a good amount of polish which I must commend you for. I think it could definitely be improved if you added maybe a few more mechanics (maybe a couple new power-ups or something) as the game seemed to drag on a bit at the end, that's just a nitpick though. Overall, it was really fun. Good Job!

I appreciate the feedback, and thanks for the video!

Nice game and interesting concept! My only issue is that it's hard to plan out the characters movements as you can't see the environment ahead during the planning phase. Despite that, it was a really good entry. Good job!

It would be nice for you to check out my submission as well.

This game was pretty fun! It is a really simple concept but you executed it really well! Well done!

I would appreciate it if you checked out my game as well.

Wow! This is a very interesting idea, and you executed it very well. Despite its simplicity, there's a lot of strategy here and that makes it very fun to play. My only complaint is that it's a bit tedious to wait for all the enemies to take their turns. Good job!

Hey! Thanks for playing! I'm glad that you really enjoyed it! You could actually restart the level in the pause screen, but I think I should've made that more apparent in the final game.  I'll get to playing your game soon. Thanks!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I definitely think I made the last level way too difficult, but I'm glad you were able to finish it!

Found a glitch. I beat the demo completely, great job btw, and then I started a new game after due to how fun it was. Upon starting a new game, I still had all of my previous abilities, inventory items, stats, etc. and when upon beating the tutorial, I spawned under the next environment and was instantly killed. Great job though, this game was really fun to play.

Great game! I ended with 6666 steps.

Sorry, but the game won't load... I did some research, you could fix this by turning off compression in the unity player settings.

Hey! It makes me really happy to find another game in this jam with mac support. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it.

Hopefully you enjoy mine too:

Sorry, I'm a mac user so I can't play your game. I can tell from the screenshots that you really went all out on this!  If the screenshots are any indicator, you did a great job.

Heres my game. I hope you enjoy it. Sadly I can't play yours since I have a mac.

I look forward to seeing it, good luck!

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Hey. There is tons of room for improvement in my game, but I still hope you enjoy it!

Your game is actually pretty cool too, I just wish it was longer.

Edit: I found a heart in your game way above the map that gave me a ton of lives. I don't know if thats an easter egg or a heart thats just there for dev purposes, but either way, really cool.

Controls well and looks nice, but the difficulty ramps up way too fast! I couldn't stay alive for more than 10 seconds. But otherwise, it was a pretty good game.