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Daniel Sidorenko

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Nice idea! Never seen anything similar in this jam. I had just some problems figuring out the distance of the view of the man. Anyway, good job!!!

Thank you for your feedback! In future we will make the card description more clear!

Love it! So simple but it works so well! Excellent work team!!!

The creativity in this game is so high! It was a strange but unique experience! Awesome work team!!!

Great concept, well executed! Puzzle are interesting. Excellent job!

Thx for the feeback! We know about the card bug, it will be fixed soon...I dont know how you managed to go on^^

Very well executed game! On mobile (in landscape) could be very cool!!! Good job!

Thx for the feedback!!!

Thx for your feedback! If you're in a bad mood you can hust kill the hero, nobody will blame you^^

Thx a lot for your feedback! We had many report of the card bug, we will fix it immediately after the jam! Thx again!!!

Not so innovative but it's fun! The level design is well made! Good job!!!

Very unique idea! Nice job!!!

At the beginning i was just saying ""What is this?!" Then i realized the gameplay and I have to admit is a very good, innovative puzzle game! Good job!!!

Game is fun! A little bit difficult for my tastes, maybe I'm just bad at it! Anyway, good job!!!

Thx a lot <3

Thx for your feedback! the feature you talked about will be surely implemented in the next release!!!

Thx a lot for the feedback! The bug will be fixed soon!

Thx a lot!

Nice innovative concept, very original! Art is good and the dialogues too, and it has an high level of polishing! Good work!!!

Thx a lot for your feedback! We hope that more content will fix that problems in future!!!

No sorry, my English sometimes is bad! Of course they are cats!!!

Thx a lot for your feedback, you motivate us a lot <3

Fun game to play! Good job!!!

The idea is so cool! Controls are a little bit too difficult to handle, but i love the game!

The idea is so cool, the execution is perfect! And you did all in a 48 hr jam! I love all about this game, good job guys!!!

Crashes aside, I love this concept. Simple but it works so fine! Excellent job! I want to play a full game with this mechanic!

This is very good. Love that game! Nothing to complain about, maybe add more stupid poses to the penguin. Awesome work!!!

Incredible effort for a jam! Art is fantastic, I tought it was difficult to understand what to do at the beginning but I learned it very quickly! Want to see more different security system added in the full game! Good luck team!!!

Original concept! Maybe it's better to play only with the mouse (ex. drag need to the plants). Anyway, good job!!!

Love the fact that you can change the trajectory of two rocket and make them collide! It gives great satisfaction. Good job team!

Thxa lot  for your feedback! Actually there is not an end, you keep going till you die, and 16 is a great result (my best I think was 20 and I'm the designer of the game^^).

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Loved it. Simple but very fun mechanic. Awesome game for a jam!!!

This idea is fantastic! So simple and yet so fun! Good job guys!!!

The gameplay is still too basic, but with some twist it can become great! Think something that can increade it's depth! I believe in you guys, keep me updated!!!

Simple game (I've seen many other in this jam), but this one is very well executed. With some more depth to the gameplay it could become a game I'll buy! Nice work!!!

Fantastic idea and execution! Love all the power-ups you can use! Art is perfect! This can easely become a full game, I'll play it!!!

The concept, the art style and the sound effect are so good! controls need to be perfected a bit, I had some problems moving the mice. Anyway, really good job!

The idea is fantastic, I'd like to play a game in which I can control monsters insted of heroes! However, the demo must be refined to really shine, expecially the interface (I know it's almost impossible to do all that in a 48 h jam!). Anyway, good job guys!

Creative concept! I had some problems figuring out how to do at the beginning, but then I understood. Nice work!

Interesting risk/reward mechanic! Needs some tuning to really shine! Anyway, nice work!!!