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This was really neat! I'm impressed by how much character the one street scene 2-bit graphics had, I can totally picture this neighborhood. All the characters had distinct personalities. And the puzzles were challenging enough to be rewarding but not impossible with some thought -- an impressive balance in a short jam game. Well done!

So nice of you to comment! Really appreciate the feedback.  You were probably picking up on how much I wanted to do more tower levels but didn't have the time :)

Really appreciate the feedback! This is my first browser game and I noticed that esc also got out of full-screen, but not until after I'd already posted. That is helpful to know that it can actually do worse than that. Will definitely avoid it next time :)

that is really good feedback to have, thank you for taking the time! I was actually wondering if that would happen and I'm thinking maybe a small pause before it's able to register a choice button press would help? Will experiment for next time

thanks so much!

I would not have survived five minutes of play-testing without the skip-to-end-of-text button :) thanks so much for your comment!

thanks so much!

Having trouble figuring out the controls -- sometimes they seem to work, sometimes not? Seems like an interesting concept and I like the graphics

Interesting gameplay concept!

This was really fun, a bit creepy, and surprisingly addicting. Impressed which how you included NPC AI in a 48h jam. The mystery of how to play the game hit the right spot between challenging enough to rouse curiosity but not too challenging to give up. I played all the way through.

Loved this! Very polished and fun and well thought-out.

Excellent game play, very smooth and rewarding. Great tutorial, too. Would love to play an expanded version of this.

Very nice -- gameplay feels well-polished with a lot of features for a 48h jam!

Thanks so much for the feedback (and waiting so long!) Sorry about that -- you actually have to go back and sleep. This is why I should've gotten a beta tester :)

Cute little 3d world!

This was really fun! Realized after I clicked the first level I should have started on zen mode but the mechanism made so much sense it was easy to figure out as I went. Great mechanism, creative and well-balanced gameplay.

This was fun. I liked the concept and visual style. Kept expecting to hit the end of the upgrades and let my poor tenants live in peace, but there was always more to do!

Cute and creative -- really like how polished the graphics look and how they fit together.

Interesting mechanism and nice use of the assets! Fun game, even though I kept losing :)

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much!

Maybe something is wrong the way it's loading in my browser, but the character disappears off-screen and the game ends before even getting close to an apple. Very cute premise and use of assets, though!

Nice concept! Really well-balanced 

Interesting and fun level design, and fits the theme!

Brilliant mechanism, fits the theme perfectly

Thanks so much!

Thank you!

Thanks so much! That's the vibe I was going for

Thanks so much!