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Super cool game and ideas! i dont even have any negative feadback - except i think there is no way to access your itembag with the controller i think?

Nice game!

I really liked the starting scene and would have liked to see the ending, but i didnt know why i was getting ouches or my matchstick would go out :/ keeping the stick at a steady speed would work untill the campfire comes but then i get an ouch anyways. Maybe I was just too dumb but there seems to be very little player feedback ^^'

Nice! i really like the new UI and the solution you had for showing where enemies will fall also improves the gamefeel. ^^ - i suggest changing the time you wait before the first enemy drops down after you die. I think its a good thing for the first session but after the first respawn its kind of boring to wait everytime.

nice little game. It didnt feel very polished jet and i dont think it was very adherent to the Theme but still i had fun playing it!

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I really liked it!  Very different to most other games here while very adherent to the Theme and good design. Unfortunatly i had the following error quite late in the game which kind of killed it haha ^^'


room.lua:62: attempt to index a nil value


room.lua:62: in function 'func'
lib/closure.lua:4: in function 'delay'
room.lua:94: in function 'update'
game.lua:17: in function 'update'
main.lua:104: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

I liked the Idea but didnt really get the controlls it seems like the dimension you go to when pressing space is not parallel to the axis you are looking but to the left or something. That seemed unintuitive to me.

Really nice Game you made in this short time, I hat a lot of fun playing it, loved the Art style, Concept and music (and basicaly anything else :D). 

The only problem i had was the following: I didnt know when and where Enemies would drop from the sky so when the bullet was somewhere on top it was always a little luck gamble if an enemy would fall right on my face while grabbing the bullet. I would suggest showing/marking the spot where an Enemy will fall down maybe 1 second before he does.

Very polished game tho. I'm impressed

Hey I really liked your game, nice graphics and Design. It was fun to play - I just didnt understand when to have 2 and when to have 3 jumps i think you want some easy to understand rules there (maybe i just didnt get it tho) Also the moving Saw after the fire was really hard to get through. ^^' I did give only 3 of 5 Stars for the Adherence to the Theme tho, cuz i didnt see a main mecanic acording to the theme except for the time you have which played a pretty minor role imo.

I really liked the design and it fit the theme well!

Maybe the best game i have seen in here yet - great story telling, nice visuals, good gameplay, didnt see any bugs so well polished and the music was obviously quite good aswell ^^ - very solid game 

ps: voice acting in the story would have been awesome haha - and if not than maybe a way to skip through the story faster once you red the part you gotta wait haha