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Just replayed and now finished it! Amazing game! :+1:

There is a little bug in 1-2 Levels where you can sometimes control a spawned slime even if you don't touch it but that just made another puzzle in how to not have that happen. ^^ You could probably put this one on an app store just like this. :)

Thanks a lot!

Oh. Thanks for noting that :D We knew that you can still move but not that you cannot die anymore. :D

I have the same problem on linux but on windows it all feels smooth. Idk why though. ^^ Still thanks for noting and glad you enjoyed our game!

Thanks a lot! Most people don't play through the whole game in game jams. Thanks for taking the time and glad you enjoyed it :) Also sorry for the frustration level. ^^' It was actually the first level we made to test out what was possible with the mechanics we had then. And 84 is pretty good.

PS: There are some bonus levels accessible through the level selector, but we put them there only because we think they are not as good as the main levels.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! We didn't like a lot of games starting of super loud, but overdid it with making it more quiet. Some people even thought we have no music at all. But well, happens. ^^' Thanks for the kind words!

Unfortunate that you didn't have more time to polish but its much better then if you gave up and still a great start I think. If you make the movement a bit more polished (There are a few very good YT videos about platformer movement/better jumps) then this can be a good basis to build apon.

Thank you! We'll try to check it out later once we have more time. :)

Thank you for the kind words! :)

Hmm that's weird. Thanks for noting the bug. And glad you liked it.

Thanks a lot!

I see. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe we should have made it possible to review all the introduced mechanics in the options. Or make sure that you can not finish the levels where they are introduced without using the new mechanic. ^^
Also glad you liked it!

Thank you. Glad you liked it. :)

Thank you! Thats nice to hear.

I quite liked the idea, graphics and music but i think there were some flaws in the gameplay and enemy readability.
1. A simple one to fix: i think the game would have been much nicer for me if the enemies were red or violet or some color other than yourself. i died multiple times because i thought they were just mass i could attach to myself ^^' Or giving them some other malicious feature for better readability.
2. Another problem I think is that firing many slimes until you are really small seems like the best strategy, which is quite tedious. I think either just being able to throw nearly everything at once instead of only being able to split or somehow making it that shooting yourself multiple times isn't as good as a strategy.
3. I think the background spikes from the top should maybe have a bit less contrast as i thought they would actually damage for the first half of playing.
4 Overall the game is a little slow. I think removing or lessening the slowdown on the throwing ability would help there. That's also the reason why it is really punishing to get set back all the way to the beginning

I hope this wasn't too harsh. The game is still really impressive and nicely done. I enjoyed playing it and it sets a nice atmosphere.

Thanks a lot for your honest feedback and glad you liked it! You are definitely right. We probably also overused some more platformer directed mechanics like the timed blocks at the later part of the game. They don't fit as much for a puzzle game in hindsight.

Does anyone know if we are allowed to change the games page description after submitting?

Oh I see. I didn't even think about using the mouse since its not that common in platformers. I think i'll retry your submission later.

Thanks for the feedback. We kind of tunnel visioned there. We wanted to change that in the beginning but then forgot about it. ^^' Also glad you liked the gameplay.

Yeah we had kind of a hard time with rigid bodies and made quite the hacky solution for this. Ends up not fully working as we want it but good enough for a jam and the mechanic. ^^' Also thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the game! :)

Thank you for the kind words! :)

Thank you!

The softbody slime made for great graphics! Game was also all around enjoyable. Maybe a bit slow at times but it worked out! Quite impressive.

Now that you say it, we probably did overuse them. Thanks for the feedback. We've been getting the contrast one a lot and will definitly change that next time. ^^ Also glad you liked it! :)

Nice little game! I quite like the graphic and music.
If you are interested in feedback: The gameplay loop gets a bit stale after a few enemies. So maybe adding a few new abilities that can be picked up to encourage exploring the whole area and also a few different opponents would be nice additions if you plan to keep working on this. There are also a lot of great videos on game feel on youtube to make the overall feeling of the game a bit better. Still nice basis. :)

Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it. :) On the one you got stuck you had to bring all three players to the box and stack them all on top of each other to be able to push it. ^^

Nice little starting point. The Art and Music work quite well and the shooting sound effect is awesome. :D

Nicely done and super polished. I love the water shader and the blocks going down once you step on them. The movement is a bit hard to grasp at first but it gets easier. The level design is also very well made!

Really nice little game. I like the atmosphere and art especially but also the different moves and music are well done! The gameplay loop maybe get a little bit repetetive but i still quite liked it! One problem is that in the end, a lot of carrots moved onto trees so I couldn't pick them up and got stuck on 750 out of 800 carrots. Maybe add some physics to them so they can't pass the walls If you work on it more. Still really nicely done especially for a first game!

Pretty nice little game. Art and music is quite good. There is still a lot of room for polish but its a good basis.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot!

Really polished! One of my favorites so far probably. Everything feels quite nice. Maybe the jumps are a bit unnecessarily hard, but i guess that has to be done to ensure only one player can cross them if they are near each other. I got stuck on level 10. Wasnt sure how to get one player up and the other across the wide jump. ^^

Since it is a jam, it may be a good idea to just unlock all levels since when somebody gets stuck they can still try the rest.

Thanks a lot, thats a high praise! :) I played yours earlier and actually thought I liked yours most of the games I played until now! :O Your game felt really polished! :D

Nice little game! Throwing things with the gorilla is really satisfying! :D

Nice little game! :)

Nice little game and fits the theme! Unfortunately the person I did the jam with uses linux, so I had to boot up two versions myself to still try it out. ^^' Music and art work quite well and I like the concept :)