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Love the idea. Too fast for me though LOL. Maybe if I practice more it will be easier.

This is my opinion, the Monster HP Bar could be on top and highlight the row that will active next and maybe a bit delay before each turn start.

Nice Idea, having fun playing it. :)

Nice Idea, I wish to see more level with this idea.

Nice Co-op feeling. 

Nice Idea, by adding music element to the game make this game stands out from other game.

Good Job!!

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I am glad that you like our game. Yes it is "to join or not to join" I misspell the level name and can not change it after submission.  And yes that is known bug but thanks for pointing out anyway. 😁😁

I can not win this game. I wish there is something to help me in the first level. Maybe add simple level for player to win and put some investment then player will be more engage to play more difficult game.

Nice concept, had fun playing it.

Nice art, a lot of 3d assets have been done in 48 hours 🤯🤯

I love the simple design to only button, you can transfer this design to mobile easily.

I am a bit confuse with the control. Maybe it is too hard for me, I cannot go pass first 10 second.

nice idea cool art.

Simple and fun game. really fit to be mobile game.

It's a really fun idea. I would love to see it become full game metroidvania some day. 

Nice Idea, love the sound. 

Nice art, I cannot predict the spider attack so my ants died a lot.

Cool Idea, and the brain guy is cute.

Yes, my Safari does not have sound too, Please try Chrome.

Thank you for your feedback, we will fix it when we can.

Sorry you found our bug 😅😅

Love the art. Want to see it release :)

The main guy is really well drawn. I had a lot of fun play it.

Very nice and lovely art, also nice concept!!

Nice Mechanics with a lot of depth and awesome work on art.

Good level design and nice soundtrack

Very well polish, Nice light effect and fun to play!!

Nice and lovely mechanic. :)

Pretty art, one thing that I wish to change is to change enter key to something else close to WASD LOL. 

Love the art. At first I thought it is similar to the hook indie game. Later when I hook the platform that is definitely new to me.

Nice Idea want to see more obstacle.

hahahaha I have been confused when I see the video that the guys catch the barrel. So I did in my first round and the red bar also suggest I made progression.  😂😂

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I am really happy to hear that you love our game.

Really appreciated the comment. 

Thank you for playing our game. That was not intended. We will have to fix that after the event.

Really appreciated the feedback. :)

Funny backstory :)

Nice Idea, the control a bit tricky. Good job

Great work with hit effect. Also fun idea.

Fun Idea for word play !!!

Nice character models been having fun to play too.

Nice Visual, Love the color palette