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I really like the game, the pace is fast an it's fun, the monsters are nice.

I had a bug where I couldn't pick one option at the 2nd Encounter (Grandma's Cooking): It is highlighted in the screenshot (The Flamebody one)
The Button highlights but nothing happens when I click, maybe because my team was not full?

Another Bug: I have beaten the final Boss at Page 5 (don't know how I did it, it was insanely hard, I only managed it once) but I didn't get to Page 6, the tooltip for pages talks about 5/6 pages.

My opinion with with balancing:
- Some Monsters when I encounter them easyly kill my whole team at middle of run till end
-The Skemu line healing is too strong
-Baberyl passive is too strong (especially the Event where you have to fight 4 of them I rarely win, their abilities stack too hard)
- Worment and Wormonger are too strong
- the difficulty of encounters increase too fast from the middle on
- In the Boss Fight Gnocking stacks too much Flamebody too quickly, propably his Energy is too low and health too high so he does insane damage in the end, all slow builds are doomed to lose

That's a bug when importing the font to Unity with Textmesh pro. I'm working on it. Thanky you for your feedback.

I'm here^^ Ask away.

Minimalistic, very cute, and enjoyable! The trees overlap the main character when jumping, and it would be nice to restart the game by pressing space (the jump key) instead of switching to mouse and back. Nice work!

I second the "Frantic juggling". Chaos can be a good challenge but the UI and the thawing animation are a bit hard to read when you are in a rush. Overall a solid simple mechanic that needs a little polish to feel right. Nice work!

Yes, you are correct, being aggressive is the right strategy (and lucky draw/enemy spawn). The demons spawn increases at the 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 10th turn I believe. At that point you are doomed >:D

Thank you for your kind words! You are right, the winged Demons can fly over your minions and attack you directly. I will add floating animations at a later point and hope that makes it more clear. (it is a solo project and I had my hands full with everything as it is) I'm proud of how the Ragehorn battle turned out, the other two were a bit rushed and are not there yet. Oh and the King is very strong in certain situations, don't dismiss him because he is so expensive ;) Time is important as well, don't take too long.

They extended the Jam submission period, you could still add Food Icons if you want.
There is a nice collection on OpenGameArt, I made a little spritesheet for the food in your game;
CC0 Food Icons |

It's a really nice entry, keep up the good work!

I like the level design, it's tricky to fight in close areas and sudden turns from enemy ships make it a little hard to strategize sometimes. The laser turrets are pretty hard if you approach them at the wrong angle.

Thanks! Yeah, the King is only good in the early game or when there are a lot of small demons around. If you take too long the demons will overwhelm you. Attack the enemy Leader early and use Arrows/sacrifice peasants against bigger demons should do the trick ;)

Oh no I killed too many werewolves and they did not respawn in time. Very funny theme. Would be easier with little food icons. Oh and maybe indicate their taste with an icon above the head once you talked to them, I can't remember who likes what food. Also it would be funny if you kill a werewolf and they drop some of their favorite food to collect. The counter sound is a bit too loud too. Other than that, a neat little experience!

I once trapped the enemy in the wall, he was a sitting duck and I stood there facing the wall and shooting 5 more times. Maybe make the walls deal damage to the ship? It feels odd to grind along them. Also a changing wind direction and intensity mechanic. Reminds me of my Port Royal sea battles. ahh good times ^^ nice little game.

I like the atmosphere and the aesthetics a lot. I'm not a platformer player, so I had trouble with the controls, especially the wall grab when climbing up was very unforgiving to me. Having to constantly press the direction key when grabbing a wall was tedious to me, there should be at least a short grace period where I float when releasing the direction key (and not instantly fall down) Better yet, once the player grabs the wall, unless there is a new input let him continue to grab, that would be more relaxed and less stiff controls, at least for my taste.

When jumping I feel like the player should float a little on the high point of the jump and not instantly being dragged down. Maybe I'm to slow to learn the right patterns though...

A slow wall slide might do the trick aswell, once the player grabs the wall. Give them a little more time to react I would say (again, non platformer player here) Nice work all in all!

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We uploaded 5 min late :(
Is there a chance for late submission?

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I have trouble with making the build, progress bar not moving. Can I disable backtrace for the build and try again? Or is that against the rules?

Nice game, but you started working on it at least 5 days before the jam started.

Thank you so much! Well, the Gold can spawn in patterns of up to 4 connected pieces, the shapes are a bit like Tetris stones. You can guess from the shapes of the stones, crossways have a higher likelihood of having gold. So there is a little bit of system behind the level generation that one can adapt to, but in the end, luck is a big factor.

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Thank you very much! There is a lot of luck involved, but if you spread your search a little and look really closely you can see if the gold spreads to the neighboring tile.

We totally loved the Cat-Hero you created, it has so much personality and life! It inspired us to go with the cat theme altogether.
(we used 9E0's Cat-Hero as a base for our character, check them out they are really good)

I agree turrets are very fast and shoot too quickly when they see you. Once you collect the staff clicking the world should always shoot, took me a while to figure out how to combat the turrets. Maybe add a little "prepare to shoot" animation to let the player know in advance when the turret is about to shoot, and maybe let them reload after 5 shots?
Pressing the numbers should be reserved for potion use.
Can be a neat little game if you put in some more patrolling enemies and stuff^^

Yeah, you have to be fast and need some luck to make the cat happy. 
Don't let the calm music lure you^^ thanks for playing =)

Absolutely right, you know I added the gold sound effect 8 minutes before the deadline and had to build and submit it. The rock break would have been next on my list but I ran out of time ;)

That's odd, can you tell me which browser you were using? Maybe switch to another one and see if it does still not work... Could you make a screenshot of the error message you received?
That would really help a lot, thanks =)

Sorry, I was unclear: I meant the arrows above the cars, the red and blue ones. Are they collectible boosters? I'm not sure, maybe add a little animation when they are collected...

Nice pacing, but the ramp jump was difficult because the sidewalk would interfere with the car bumping it around uncontrollably. Controls are a bit rough, collisions are a bit stiff but the speed feels right.

I agree with railkill the pacing is very slow, especially on the first few levels. I think the durations are a bit long before you progress, there is too much repeated content and there need to be more indications of the story early on. Also, the landing areas could be smaller for my taste, the story unfolds on the last planet but that's too late, I became bored just waiting for the next planet to appear and collecting stuff AGAIN on the surface. The Artstyle kept me going... I was curious how it ends.

Spicing up yes, but I don't think weapons suit this game. Maybe something like homing mines that detonate in a radius, fog clouds blocking the view, or Asteroids that bounce off each other to mix things up a bit. Aesthetics are there, gameplay not yet.

Pizza Delivery Simulator is a sociocritical metaphor for consumerism. The well-portrayed agony of searching for a parking lot in-game for example- is a reflection of the hopelessness precarious bottom of society. Or trying to climb up the ladder to success while being doomed to fail (and probably fall) while the upper one percent complain about their waiting time. This is what civilisation has become. So much wisdom in such a small game, I'm impressed.

Mechanics are not clear, I think the arrows are buffs? But I agree bonking cars is fun^^

Adorable graphics and a very playful vibe. Took me a while to figure out how to serve customers, I think clicking on them should trigger the delivery & payment instead of the very small dollar sign.
Other than that a nice little simulation. Now I want some lemonade too...

Those brick clouds are nasty, now I know why spaceflight is sooo expensive ;)

Neat idea and very challenging. The randomness feels a bit off, I had runs where there first 10 spawns were no missile soldiers, and other times three to four were shooting at me.
Maybe start a little slower and increase missile velocity over time, it's over way too soon ;)

Simple concept, I definitely felt the rush^^ I like how the levels only take a couple of seconds to complete. Makes a nice casual experience, could use a little more variety in the presentation.
A bit short too, just when you get the hang of it, it*s over.

Great atmosphere and love the art style. Lots of animation and great presentation for just three days. The movement was a bit slow while falling down, stun by enemies lasts too long for my taste. It's easy to get lost while exploring the cave because there is little variation (yet). Took me a while to figure out what the skull does and if it is activated or not. Other than that, I enjoyed what you created there =)

A bit rough around the edges, could use a restart button and a bigger arena, Sword movement is a bit slow for my taste. Has some potential 👍

Yep, fullscreen is not supported, you got me. 😨😅

I like the enemy designs, the level feels balanced and well-rounded. 

Nice minimalistic mechanics with great visuals. The idea was consistently executed, with good pacing, and simple enough mechanics. I think some kind of stars in the background would help to convey speed and distances traveled. Another suggestion for the end scene: A very slow and gentle camera zoom out that increases over time until the star system fades away to indicate the end of the game, I was kind of waiting to see if something would happen.

Has nice visuals, I liked the Ghost hunting you. Got confused after a while because the corridors all look the same...