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Hello! What engine are you using?

Thank you! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ About jump animation, can't promise anything, sorry.

Hello! What do you mean by "incorrect"? What "problem" do they have with idle frames? Please describe everything specifically, you can email me if it is more convenient for you.

Definitely, in the future I will make tileset pack!

Thanks! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

I think, yes. You can download a free Blue Witch and have a try. :3

This should help

Thank you! ♡(。- ω -) What you mean by "walking up and down"?

Hello, for free you can get only blue witch, all others you will get if you pay a certain amount. If you have paid and didn't get full pack, then write me here

Thanks! :3

Thank you! I enjoyed it, will be looking forward on your progress with these project (👍≖‿‿≖)👍 👍(≖‿‿≖👍)

Well done, it was pretty fun! Waiting for the next update. ᕙ(^▿^-ᕙ)

Thank you soooo much for your support! I'll get my self a burger (●´ω`●)

Great that you found use of this pack! Thanks!  (─‿‿─)♡

Thank you for your support!!!!! ♡(。- ω -)

Thank you! Wish you good luck with the project! (●´ω`●)

X3 Thank you from all the witches! (^▽^)

Thank you! ♡(。- ω -)

Thank you! ♡( ◡‿◡ ) I'm happy, that you find use of my witches. May be in the future I will make a soldiers pack, but not in the near future.

Thanks! I will make new packs suitable to these witches, but I will not make any updates for this pack. ♡(。- ω -)

Thank you! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Thanks!! (♡°▽°♡)

Great work! Can't get more than 6, probably I 'am just a noob.

Thank you! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ I am happy that you found use of this pack! The game is pretty funny.

Thank you so much! /ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ᵐᵉᵒʷˎˊ˗


Thank you! :3


Thank youuuu! (^▽^)

Thanks! (─‿‿─)♡

Thank you! (●´ω`●)

Wow! Thank you, I really appreciate that! :3

Thank you (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ .Actually, good idea!


Thanks! Right now I'm focusing on characters, but I will definitely be doing tilesets in the future. c:

I am not sure, if I understand you right. Thank you! Actually, I am planning to make next asset pack with cats. (=◐ᆽ◐=)ฅ

I will be waiting ;3

Thank you! :3

Thank you sooo much! If you will use my assets somewhere let me know, I would like to see it and play. (─‿‿─)♡

 Thanks! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥