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Hi,  I don't see why not.  You might have to do some witchcraft to get it loaded to itch.  This might help, but not sure:

Hey there, 

Yes starting a game early is fine for this jam, according to their rules.  They just ask to not submit something you've already completed a while ago.  

Hey all,

Looking forward to this year's jam.  I submitted a game 2 years ago to the 2020 jam, and I appreciated the feedback and the community overall.  I planned to submit a heavier game last year, but life got in the way.  Since then, I've been chipping away at the game, shelving it, then taking it back out for a few tweaks, but nothing in a playable state yet.  I'm going to use this jam to try to get out a working beta.

The graphics are Ultima Online inspired, but the sprites are about double or triple the size.  The combat takes you to a stage where you fight using real time skills and movement.  Think of Diablo meets Streetfighter (but not as intuitive as either, haha).  Movement on the overworld is on a rail, kind of like Paper Mario but more restrictive.  There will be about 10 different weapon types that you can specialize in, and progressing in one weapon can unlock new skills that can transfer to other weapons.  

The game will be heavily choice driven, and (hopefully) will shape your character with the consequences to each of the choices you make.

The game is something I've been thinking of for years and the full game is very large.  When I start working on pieces and realizing the volume of what needs to be created, it makes my bones ache.  So, I'm hoping to have the lobby area completed and 1 of the 7 worlds done for the Feb deadline.

And of course I'm looking forward to playing a bunch of other submissions!

Hey thanks so much for taking the time to comment!  Those are some great suggestions and I would definitely like to add them when I get around to expanding and updating it.  There was a 20-minute playtime limit for this jam and I wanted to make sure they got to the ending.   I do have some ideas for more creepy effects as you wander off-path, but for this jam I decided to railroad the path for now.  Collecting items that could be used in battles is definitely a great idea!  

Right now I'm working on a heavy project but I'll probably come back to this when I need a break.

Interesting battle mechanic.  Overall, a fun little game.  Wish I could've used my gun more :)

I had my son try the game just before bed.  He had fun.  I enjoyed the puns.

Uh oh, when I open the rar I'm getting this:

Yeah there is something wonky with the upload.  It doesn't show the file size, and when I try to download it, it goes directly to google drive with an error.  After playing around a bit I got it to download the rar.

Good use of RTP to tell a different kind of story.  I like the choice/keyword detective work.  It brought me back to the days of Police Quest.  Good job overall.

Thanks so much! To be honest, the cat made me jump while I was doing my own playtesting, haha.

I like this concept.  I was thinking of doing a builder like this, but your system is much more organized with a lot of neat elements.

Haha, that made my night.  Cheers!

Thanks.  I had some more ideas for disorienting effects but I wanted to keep it all under 30 mins.  I might expand it a bit after the jam.

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Some real interesting games submitted.  Looking forward to playing them.  It seems there is a good mix of traditional story-lined rpgs as well as some projects taking a different route.  That was what I was going for with Harold.exe.

I thought it would be a good challenge to take the cutesy chibi characters from RTP and turn them into a horror game, or at least a psychological thriller.  This was harder than I thought, and I'm kind of prepared for it to be a total flop.  But hey, I had some fun playing around with some of the mechanics.  I'd be happy to know if you jumped once...

Best of luck to everyone!

I personally like the time limit restriction.  It forces one to keep things concise.  

Neat little minigame! 

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An RPG I built for my 8-year old daughter.  Collect your fellow princesses, and have them join you in your quest to defeat your evil step-mother!

This was submitted to FFSjam 2020 and placed 8th overall out of 298 entries. (Also ranked 1st for mood).

Thank you!  Yes she is enjoying it.

Wow, this simulator has brought back nightmarish memories of keyboarding class in the 90's.  The response (or lack thereof) is perfect enough to get me banging each key like it's the real thing.  The only piece missing is when you mash the keyboard, your mom should have to come over and unjam all the keys that are now clumped together.

Thanks.  And thanks for hosting these jams! I'm glad that I not only finished up my first game, but got to see some other really neat submissions.  I have a few projects on the go and I'm sure I'll be using this jam again to push them past the finish line.

Very cool concept.  Easy to pick up on and gets challenging fast.  The squishy sound and the slight bounce makes the die almost feel like it's a rubber chew toy.

I like what I see so far.  When I first clicked to start, my worm faceplanted into a rock 1 tile below the top of the screen.  It took me a while to figure out the game isn't frozen and I was just game over.  The inputs aren't always registering and I notice some image flashing around his butt.  I'm guessing some restructuring of the scripts would improve the performance.  

The artwork is quite nice, and the warping music fits well with the atmosphere (and the dying flowers, haha).

Neat idea with the random spells.  Are the dungeons procedurally generated?  It would add to the randomness feel of the game.  I teleported outside the walls and went through 5 rounds of spells before I tele'd back in.  Just the luck of the RNG I guess.

We're in the final days of voting and so I thought I'd plug the game I made for my 8-year old daughter.  I made it with the intent to get her hooked on the same style of RPGs I grew up with.

Collect princesses, help them with their own fabled story-line, then get them to help you in defeating the Evil Queen!  The entire playthrough is around 2 hours tops.  

If you have kids aged 7-10, I'd be really interested in seeing what they think.


Art was great.  I had a hard time with the controls, but I'm getting more used to it .

No worries!  It's all good now and I am able to play.  I'm liking the character designs!  And we also have a really cool black cat :)

I like what I see so far.  The mechanics are pretty smooth and I the artwork is nice.

Okay so I looked it up, you just need to open the game.ini file and delete the word "Standard"

The game runs but then gives an error after the start screen.  The SE folder is empty, so I think that's why.

I'm getting the same error.  

Thanks!  I'm glad you appreciate the quirkiness of it all...

Neat concept and great pacing on the rewards!  Looking forward to the mobile release.

Makes me want to dust off my old gameboy.  Nice tweak on the move acceleration/slide and the floaty jumps helped with the retro feel.  I appreciate the minimalist mountain range.

Fun game and a bit of a twisted concept, which I also like.

Neat concept!  My son played through it and had fun crushing the buildings along the way.