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Calling all Parents

A topic by CouchSpring created Feb 14, 2020 Views: 42 Replies: 2
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We're in the final days of voting and so I thought I'd plug the game I made for my 8-year old daughter.  I made it with the intent to get her hooked on the same style of RPGs I grew up with.

Collect princesses, help them with their own fabled story-line, then get them to help you in defeating the Evil Queen!  The entire playthrough is around 2 hours tops.  

If you have kids aged 7-10, I'd be really interested in seeing what they think.



Aw my little girl is only 3 so a bit too young, this is a great idea though!


Thanks.  And thanks for hosting these jams! I'm glad that I not only finished up my first game, but got to see some other really neat submissions.  I have a few projects on the go and I'm sure I'll be using this jam again to push them past the finish line.