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I’m almost ashamed to say how long these puzzles took me lol. I thought at first that it’d be pretty simple being that it’s basically logic but these really made me think! The art is really nice as always. Things like the cat were such smart elements of game feel, and I really like the background, it fits really well

For feedback, I think it’s not visually striking enough whether the tiles will turn clockwise or counterclockwise. I think the best levels were ones like 6 where the direction didnt actually matter. Also I get way more “crossed paths” than I do “checkpoints”

Probably the best game I’ve played in this jam. Really cool that you used your own engine

Really liked how the mechanics built off of eachother, finding the secret signs, the tape measure is such a nice touch, tons of content. Some sections made me feel really smart

For feedback, sometimes the wall grabs were unreliable, and jumping out of water felt clunky. I also ran into the startup bug a few times but you did address that in your description. Sometimes there was a waterfall but I wish there was a mute button because I wanted to be able to tab out and come back to it

Nice use of the modifiers! I see every possible limitation here.. except for maybe checkpoints? I definitely agree with your point of the rhythm game thing, I had to treat it almost like a memory game to beat it, but it was fun for sure :)

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Fair point about the music lol

Fun game! the sprites for the boxes with the arrows are definitely good

A lot of the levels boiled down to the same concept, I wouldve liked to see more different ideas thrown in (like the button but that was only there for one level)

Also I got a runtime error on the last screen, i think when loading the leaderboard?

I think the speed is totally ok personally, didn’t feel too slow at all - maybe you can have your cake and eat it too by having an option in the main menu to disable the countdown?

Wrt the bribe balancing- it feels weird that you can take a bribe for someone who’s already going to win. By the ~$100 mark a lot of the bribes were about even so I would just take the winner’s bribe and then reduce the red bar a bit. by $250 it felt like the loser was starting to bribe more so if that was a teaching moment I think you actually did a good job of walking me to the door there :) (but it seems random)

as far as bribe balancing goes, the countdown (or before the countdown) feels like a cool spot to take bribes before you know what the outcome is, would be a bit of a different game tho

For general feedback:

  • the “click to do X” made me think I could click the whole screen, I would make those things clearly a button
  • I like the music, it’s vibey
  • I would move the hiscore because on my second game I kept looking at that number instead of the one on the right
  • maybe a red outline for the amount of damage you’ll take for taking a bribe when you’re hovering over the bag?

Hey thanks for the feedback. I appreciate your comment about the graphics, I partially used this as a low stakes way to start learning blender. I think when I’m making my own art I end up in that sort of sinister area you mentioned and I’ve never really committed to it so I appreciate this comment

I rescued the sibling! here’s my feedback:

  • I agree with the other points about the music but i did like how the restart sound was also music notes, it made it almost flow together
  • I would either make the hitboxes smaller to make the game feel better, or really lean into the “I want to be the guy” type challenge
  • the mom throughout the levels doesn’t really do much (also “job” is mispelled at one point)

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Wow I’m really valuing the level select because I absolutely cannot figure out Narrow Passages lol. I personally would err more on the side of easier levels because man that ramps up quickly in difficulty. I’m no good at sokoban though. Is this jonathan blow’s burner account?

The SFX are really nice and fit well

I would’ve appreciated something more than color coding (e.g. like an arrow telling me i’m pushing or pulling)

In section 2 as well, the very first level both introduces a concept and expects an advanced maneuver by switching the two blocks

Section 4 started giving me baba is you vibes :) 4.2 had some weird interactions where it felt like i should be able to swap but i guess there was a main orb that was being checked and the second one didnt work

I think based on the feedback from the jam I would’ve focused more on tutorial and ramping up than adding new levels (although maybe the levels you added were easier haha)

Hi, what if I’ve already updated a jam game? Can I submit it or is the jam meant to represent the starting line for the updates?

I think my game glitched out because I didn’t have as much trouble as other people. I won in 6 weeks - but also I couldn’t see any of my units, the castle health just kept ticking down. I agree with the other comment that I wish I could have attacked towers instead of just the castle :)

Really impressive for the time limit :) I will say, I get why the controls are separated but every time I went back to the card game I really wished I could use WASD to pick the card

I didn’t realize what was role reversing about this at first, but once I did I didn’t want to go back to the default control setup :) I like the balance between range and AOE.

When I died, the “play again” button doesn’t work though and I’m stuck on that screen


Have you ever remade a jam game? I thought this was a really rewarding experience. I started from scratch (well, unity) and focused on:

  • incorporating feedback
  • learning blender
  • better design
  • exploring the puzzle space even more

Can you finish all the puzzles?

(feedback always appreciated)

I really like the creepy vibe, I got it right away. It had that sort of Everywhere At the End of Time feeling where it felt like it came right out of another time period. I also really liked how you broke down each part into its own story, good use of the theme

+1, i’d also be interested! great song!

Thank you for the feedback! Do you have any tips on where to start learning?

This is a really good one. I love the SFX in particular lol

There’s a lot of mechanics here that I really appreciate: it took me a while, for example, to realize that turning off the lights was helpful. Hiding under a table and passing time also feels really solid. The difficulty curve felt strange though- mansion 2 had tons of people roaming around and mansion 3 had just one.

TBH I didn’t realize the overpowered leap thing until I came to the jam comments :)

Yeah, sorry it’s confusing. You’re supposed to hit space and then move the target over an enemy to shoot at it

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! I really appreciate it

I found the use of [X] to go down strange. It would be good to allow for the [S] key to be used.

I agree completely, I started with it because it was what I remembered a lot of games using last year, and I kept leaving this exact feedback (to make it an option) but I ran out of time. This year all the games I’ve played are using [S] :)

Really great game! I have to echo what Ethan said about the UI, everything felt really readable and intuitive. For constructive criticism I felt like the boomers were really easy enemies, and just amounted to free kills. Bombs also felt OP bc I could just throw a rusty bomb into a crowded room and usually clear it. But it hooked me all the way to the end :)

Love this, so simple-seeming but so addicting

This is incredible! Minor bug: When going from the Library to the Conservatory, it says you’re entering the Entrance Hall :)

It’s funny to me that you can deduce from photographs that certain people definitely did not have things haha

Hey Alex, love your work. Is this (and your other crocotiles) available to be used in games? Would give credit of course

Thank you so much, I really appreciate the comment! This was a really nice notification to wake up to :)

I had used the wrench on the thermostat but maybe not the hot sauce.. I don’t remember honestly. I did have the key, yes

I do appreciate the underlying pun happening in this game with it being about turning up the heat, and hot sauce (also turning up the heat) being multiple use. I was upset with it in the beginning because it was so bait-and-switch (try cutting actually try hot sauce) but being able to actually use other items made it more of a punchline than a trick, and i think thats where the script shines. Honestly I also got stuck at the “I should look at the computer a bit more first” and “I don’t have any reason to look at the computer” even though I also need to print something and have the password :(

Typing some thoughts as I play:

  • the icicles on the dialogue window are a really nice touch! Same thing with the thermometers
  • I like the sound effect that plays when the dialogue plays out
  • the different flavor text for trying different items was cool, i appreciate how there wasn’t just a stock “this won’t work” message and it felt personal
  • at first I didn’t realize you needed to drag and drop the items, I thought you could select one and then select where to use it. Idk if its worth having the flavor text on clicking them
  • i wish there was more of a visual for the wasp puzzle
  • “the bats have made a nice home here” oh man it’s bats in the mouse hole???

Shame about the bug :( was that a slim shady reference in the same song as a young gravy reference? lol

Typing some thoughts as I play:

  • SFX are good, deliver a good ambiance
  • Scene transitions are a little jarring and could be smoother
  • the scare sound is very loud and kept repeating when advancing the dialogue (also the simon says game kept going)
  • I’m guilty of this a lot too but the sprites sometimes have different resolution and it makes it feel a bit inconsistent, overall the art is good tho
  • the family member face in the “don’t get spotted” game is creepy as hell

Such a clever take on an FPS. Also awesome SFX considering you made them by yourself. “Big duck” made me laugh, I’m a big fan of bosses just named what they are lol

Typing some thoughts as I play:

  • the default unity UI kind of clashes with the rest of the art (which takes away from it because the art is really good and better than the unity ui)
  • the volume sliders appear to not be working?
  • “space to eat gun” is fantastic
  • I’m always impressed by 3d game jam entries. Also I really like the stylistic consistency, e.g. the pretzel crosshair
  • some of the models’ hitboxes are a little wide, so bullets will disappear even if they’re wide of the flour bin for example
  • Is the spawn location random? I kept trying to get the ducks to spawn on top of me but they never did. If you coded around that then that’s a nice touch :)
  • 10 rounds per wave feels like a lot when each one is not very varied, maybe the first few could be shorter then make them longer once the enemies start mixing?
  • the song is really well done but it got a little tiring after a while
  • are the guns random? i got two different breads

This is a lot of fun! Typing some thoughts as I play:

  • The SFX are really great, I love the screaming, and the jump sound fits nicely. I appreciate the varied screams and rescue pings
  • I really appreciate the visual timer on the left so you know exactly how long you have
  • I wish there was a restart button (is there?) sometimes I’d lose too many villagers and have to wait for them all to leave just to fail
  • being able to use A/D in addition to arrow keys would be a nice QoL improvement. Particularly because space is the dialogue button, my hand always rests with my thumb there, so I have to specifically move away from A/D to arrow keys and then back
  • I was going to say there seems to be no incentive to get more than 6 across, but this actually works well with the timer because it takes longer this way
  • launching people between platforms was a lot of fun
  • i think you did a good job with the balancing where I didn’t feel pressured but also lost a few times
  • I chuckled when after a bunch of exposition one of the intros was just “another geyser good luck tho”
  • I’m not sure repeating everything 3 times is worth it, since the mechanics continue between levels, once you do like one or two waves you kind of get the hang of it. I don’t have a good alternative in mind tho
  • sometimes the platform would start so far away that i’d have to rush to get the first passenger on, which felt a bit pointless
  • the last level was really really hard but I got there!

Good job!!

Thank you so much, also extra thanks for playing it late into the game, it’s a jam and I really appreciate you taking the extra time to leave feedback on some of the later levels. The responsiveness thing is first on my list to fix after the jam :)

Game looks amazing! I especially like how the floor moves with you by replacing the tiles, such a cool effect

Some thoughts I had when playing:

  • really liked the steam visuals when turning pipes on/off
  • i felt like the intro “turn the steam valves to unlock your way” was only needed once
  • as much as I like the treadmill floor it could sometimes stop before I expected it to (it was hard to tell what was off limits)
  • i managed to trap myself lol

Thank you for the feedback! It definitely helps. I especially like the note about the particle effects, that’s very actionable and quick to address!

Thanks so much for the feedback! Really wish I spent more time on the detection thing you mentioned since its so core to the game loop. And really great idea about the pushing directions, I should’ve made the colliders all squares I think

They are people cocooned in silk. :)

That’s disgusting, I love it.

[Comment about the message]

Yeah I hope it came across that I really appreciated that. Honestly I never even felt lost because often whenever Id switch chars thered be something immediately before me that had opened up on one of the other chars. I got to a point where I was hitting 2 switches at a time and then it felt like a party platter of things to do. Wanted to call it out because I appreciate the work that went into typing out what has happened to everyone which sounds very entangled

That’s what I get for allowing Unity’s Physics2D to handle anything at all instead of coding it myself. :)

Honestly not sure what the barrels are for but you can freeze constraints on RigidBody2Ds, or make it static if it’s not supposed to move

This is awesome. Really like the art, and I appreciate some little touches like the differently pitched jump sounds, and the general juice of the SFX. Totally digging the “meet a glorious end” goal going on here too. Explaining what happened in each person’s section is such a huge quality of life thing.

IMO the hitboxes are a little unforgiving, especially because you can die by running into the sides of the crushers. Also I wish I could’ve used a key to advance dialogue. I went for long leap and the cooldown sometimes bit me in the ass.

I think I, the player, met an unfortunate end because ferdinand is now stuck in a platform and I can’t even switch characters :( (I may have deserved this because I was seeing what would happen if I switched chars in dangerous places)


  • The burning anim left a little to be desired, and I wish I didn’t have to burn each individual piece of wood.
  • the second spider I talked to invited me behind the curtain again, but there was no curtain this time
  • and is this barrel thing supposed to happen?

Thank you so much, your comment is super nice and I really really appreciate it. And thanks for the feedback in there too.

Unfortunately yeah the range detection isn’t great :( you can fix it by leaving the zone and reentering but I understand that’s frustrating. I coded it pretty poorly and tried to improve it a few times but nothing really came together in time.

Thanks for the explanation! I got a lot further this time. I guess to add to my constructive criticism having seen more of the game, the cactus bounces are a little inconsistent, and the puzzles feel very exacting (like you need to water the exact right things the exact right amount of time)