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They might not actually be warm, but they wouldn't go warm themselves up ever or grab food. They'd just go do a task and drop dead. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that play now starts in Spring instead of Summer.

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Looks like trees still get selected by Clear Vegetation.

Also, people still get stuck inside things when building them and then sleep to death. Not only that but there tends to be quick die-offs of people without reason even when it's warm and food is available.

On the upside: I can confirm that wheat harvesting now works for me, and I can replant fields.

Generally because the developer doesn't realize that the upload package needs to be flagged with the platform it'll run on in order to be installed. This is far from the only game or app on itch where the devs have made this mistake.

Thanks. Downloaded now just fine.

I know, right?

Apparently it's not available for Windows?

Rather than straight-up skip nighttime, perhaps a sleep mode that the player can use to rest for a selected number of hours would be good. That way too, anyone who wants to be a night owl can do so and skip the day instead.

It'd be really helpful to use fire as a torch.

Is there any way to speed up the day/night cycle? It takes way too long for the sun to rise after it sets in the evening. At this point, I'm not even sure if it will rise again.

I think I know what's happening with the firewood being ignored. Everyone just wakes up, eats, warm themselves up, and go back to bed, without any tasks getting completed at all. Priority for warming up should probably be reduced so that firewood becomes higher priority, which also makes sense from a real-world perspective -- a few minutes of trying to warm up by moving your body around is less effective for one's survival than keeping a warm fire going.

Looks like people can wander into the cooking pot and fall asleep there forever as well, whether or not it's next to a wall.

I planted the wheat as the first task on the first day of summer, since the game starts then instead of in spring. It still reaches maturity by the end of summer or first day of fall, as far as I can tell, but just never gets harvested. Even with a dedicated farmer, the wheat is just completely ignored after planting. I noticed that there's a task before harvesting for wheat, but it never gets done even if the farmer has nothing else to do.

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Other issues:

  • If a quern is built next to a wall, whoever built it will be trapped on the tile where the quern was placed and fall into an eternal slumber. This also happens with the cooking pot.
  • Placing a blueprint on top of resources that haven't been collected to a stockpile will prevent the resources from being collected, and the blueprint cannot be erased from those tiles either.
  • Firewood delivery tasks sometimes get ignored even when they're set to highest priority, leading to everyone freezing to death in winter.
  • Wheat cannot be harvested, and the planted area cannot be reclaimed in the spring.
  • Ground used for planting potatoes cannot be reused for any planting afterwards. (Or is this by design?)
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Okay. There also needs to be a way to tear down existing construction, as well as order what parts of a set of construction tasks get done first. Especially with blueprint buildings, sometimes someone gets trapped in a corner if building on the edge of a hill, or the corner is left undone because the side walls next to it are done first.

EDIT: Looks like even with all the walls up, I still can't place floors. :(

EDIT 2: Okay, seems I just have to click once inside to fill the whole room, dragging lines and regions like with walls doesn't work.

Is there anything special required in order to place floors?

Will you return to this and add more? Or put up the source somewhere?

The lack of an autosave between the orc encampment and the manor assault is really busting my balls since the game has a 50-50 chance of crashing whenever I enter the manor assault boss battle. Since the game autosaves when entering the orc encampment anyway, could it PLEASE also autosave at the start of the manor raid?