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Gaia Eternal

Planet-scale sim and civilization-builder · By IF/IO


A topic by Toffyy created Dec 12, 2017 Views: 310 Replies: 2
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I can't start a fire, no matter what I do, I tried gathering branches in one place, but then I can't add wood to them, and using the "fire" tool doesn't work as well. Unfortunately I seem to be the only person to encounter that problem, and I'm sure there's an easy solution, so I'd be grateful if anyone could help. 

Overall, I love this game, 5/5, looking forward to the next update!


I added the fire item, but there isn’t a use for it yet. The next update will have a communal bonfire, and in the future it might be used in smelting.

Glad you like the game so far! The next update is a major one, and probably still a few months away, but it is definitely coming in time!


It'd be really helpful to use fire as a torch.