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Gaia Eternal

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can you craft seeds from the wheat in your inventory? I think that was the plan but I don't remember if it's in yet.

Posted in how do i farm

For now you can plant in dirt that's already dirt. Eventually there will be ways to till the ground.

That's definitely my dream! To progress all the way through to modern technology (or beyond?) The AIs will eventually be able to spread through the whole world, potentially founding thousands of cities by themselves. At that point, the game will be to role-play however you choose within this organically grown world. This may sound ambitious, but actually most of the foundation for this is already there, it just needs to be developed further. It's a core research goal of mine to support unlimited cities in high detail.

I'm glad you like the game! Chests, hoes, and pickaxes will be in a future update. Workbenches are a maybe.

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Thank you! Great video. Wild wheat grows a little further inland, so it won't be near the beach. It's pretty rare, but it's easy to spot from a distance because it grows in large clusters, unlike grass. "Wild wheat" grows in grassy areas. You plant the seeds in dirt, and then it's (domesticated) "wheat".

Near the end, the missing icon when you were building the hut, and the gray town teleport button, look like glitches to me.

You're right about this being very early, early access right now. The next update will be all about the AI. The goal is to bring the NPCs up to par with the player, so that they can do anything you can do. That means you only need to build your own things. The NPCs will build the rest of the town. 

Hi, I'm really glad you like the game! Wheat is pretty rare. The best way to find it is to look in clearings where you can see a long way. It grows in clusters.

Other people show up when there's enough food to support them. Find wild wheat, get seeds, and plant enough of them in one area.

Posted in HELP!!!

Click and hold on a wild wheat plant (they're rare). Anytime a meter appears below the cursor, that means hold the mouse button down for some time. 

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Try planting more :)

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Thanks! I agree a lot of updates are necessary, and they're on the way. My plan for buildings is that you'll eventually be able to go inside them, furnish and decorate them with a lot of details. I also have some ideas about eventually giving the player more control over the details of building. Not necessarily block building, but similar as far as fitting individual pieces together.