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Powerglove Reloaded

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Controls are inverted

A topic by neosck created Dec 11, 2018 Views: 916 Replies: 7
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Hi. I've been playing with an Xbox One controller and the vertical axis of the left stick is inverted. When I move it down, the character jumps, When I move it up, the character ducks.

Buttons doesn't feel natural either. Most games jump with the A button (or X on PS controller) and shoot with the X button (or SQUARE on the PS controller). It just feels unnatural to jump with B and shoot with A.

After starting the game, change the "Jump: both" setting to "button 1" or "button 2" and try again.

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That would make sense for a controller with just 2 buttons, but most controllers nowadays have 4. Anyway, I'ts just a matter of getting used to it, not a big deal. The stick having the vertical axis inverted is a bigger problem. The first time I run the game I tried to change the settings but I couldn't, I move up the stick and pressed up in the crosspad with no luck, so I just started to play. That's because the crosspad doesn't work and the stick is inverted, I have to move it down to go up in the settings. And the same ingame, move it up to crouch.

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You can setup the buttons in the powerglove .ini (see manual.pdf), but inverting an axis is not supported, sorry.

how bout keyboard

Is there a way to even use the Xbox 360 dpad, what do the numbers need to be in ini (I tried a few variations and got different useless inverted analog controls)?

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On my nes30pro joypad, the dpad is mapped to the buttons q, s, t, r - "pad1=qstrab" in the powerglove.ini does the trick here. (you may need to configure other buttons for the 360 dpad) If you find a valid buttonmapping for the 360 dpad, please tell me!

pad1=kmnlab does the 360 dpad.