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The joypad can be configured in the wolfling.ini - please take a look at the readme file how to do that. If you need assistance or if your joypad is not supported, write me a mail. (contact info should be at the end of the readme)

Oh, sorry! If you want to help me debugging it, write me a mail. (contact info should be at the end of the readme)

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On my nes30pro joypad, the dpad is mapped to the buttons q, s, t, r - "pad1=qstrab" in the powerglove.ini does the trick here. (you may need to configure other buttons for the 360 dpad) If you find a valid buttonmapping for the 360 dpad, please tell me!

V1.4 is the most recent public version by now. (however, a 2nd level for an enhanced version is currently under contruction)

You're right, then it's "sudo apt-get install libportaudio2:i386", but be warned, you will need more libs on 64-linux...

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try to get libportaudio2, e.g. with "sudo apt-get install libportaudio2"

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You can setup the buttons in the powerglove .ini (see manual.pdf), but inverting an axis is not supported, sorry.

After starting the game, change the "Jump: both" setting to "button 1" or "button 2" and try again.