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That would make sense for a controller with just 2 buttons, but most controllers nowadays have 4. Anyway, I'ts just a matter of getting used to it, not a big deal. The stick having the vertical axis inverted is a bigger problem. The first time I run the game I tried to change the settings but I couldn't, I move up the stick and pressed up in the crosspad with no luck, so I just started to play. That's because the crosspad doesn't work and the stick is inverted, I have to move it down to go up in the settings. And the same ingame, move it up to crouch.

Hi. I've been playing with an Xbox One controller and the vertical axis of the left stick is inverted. When I move it down, the character jumps, When I move it up, the character ducks.

Buttons doesn't feel natural either. Most games jump with the A button (or X on PS controller) and shoot with the X button (or SQUARE on the PS controller). It just feels unnatural to jump with B and shoot with A.