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They're based off original PC l'Abbaye des Morts.

Good, good. All crosses for item to defeat Satan (there are defo 12). Try crouching.

Much like buses, you wait ages for one and then two come along at once.

Copying files from floppy to HDD should work.

Because there's more than one and to avoid confusion when people translate from French title of original.

Unsure of what's causing CD32 pad issue currently, I tested it working fine in WinUAE.
Which button do you mean by 'skip', the Red one? Where does it pause game? Is it an official CD32 pad or adapter? Is this on a real Amiga or emulator?

Some compromises to not run out of memory cause the small delays in scrolls loading and the prayer music loading (other music should be instant).
If you have a hard drive and copy the files across, it'll be quicker loading.

Yep, you only get download access to full version by paying $2.99.

Well done, you get shown  a password after delivery on this level.
The bit where you died at end requires you to use down to drop through platform, I noticed nobody uses that feature.

You'll be able to play it on Amiga when I finish making that version (around April).

Nope, I've discovered the .tap file (converted from the .tzx) doesn't work on all hardware. Until I update game it's best to load .tzx in an emulator, save a .sna and use that.

There'll probably be physical NES version, but I'm not thinking about it until game is finished.

On the Release Announcements section how often are you allowed to post a new announcement for the same game? I've only posted once for when my game was released, but noticed someone keeps posting the same announcement for their game every few days.

I like using Construct 2 for my modern stuff and for retro hardware I use Arcade Game Designer. Making graphics and designing levels for either I use Gimp and Tiled.

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NARWHAR is an arcade shmup where you play as a choice of rays, on a mission to depose a dictator that took their free milkshake away.
Inspired by many games I played or saw during the 80s/90s (like Mr.Heli/Atomic Robo-Kid/The NewZealand Story), created using Construct 2 over a few years.

- Multiple difficulties (Easy/Normal/Hard/Yolo)
- Different endings
- 50 powerup variants
- Two characters to choose from
- Password system for resuming play on Easy/Normal difficulties
- DRM free

Download Here

To capture footage with OBS you can either use Diplay Capture or Game Capture.
For Game Capture you will need to open the game and set it to windowed mode and drag to desired size, then open OBS. Once OBS is open you cannot resize Narwhar window (you can minimise it), otherwise capturing will stop.

Discussion about endings, containing spoilers.

Post any bugs/glitches here

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General discussion about game.

Is there a way to even use the Xbox 360 dpad, what do the numbers need to be in ini (I tried a few variations and got different useless inverted analog controls)?

Thanks, though I don't really know how to program for the Spectrum (the AGD tool simplifies it).
Look out for my next Spectrum game available March.