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Please allow installing Windows versions under Linux

A topic by Primal Fear created Feb 27, 2020 Views: 782 Replies: 10
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I really like your client and that there is a Linux version. But please let us install the Windows version of games that don't offer a Linux version.

Yes it won't be possible to run them directly from client, but we actually have Wine and Steams Proton to give it a try. Many Windows games should actually work that way under Linux.

It could be an option that allows the user to set the path of the wine installed on its machine. If it can make more games availables for Linux users and allows developers to focus on porting their games only for Windows, it's worth it.

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allows developers to focus on porting their games only for Windows

What makes you say ignoring a potential player base is worth it? I, on the other hand, won’t touch a game on Wine if it doesn’t exist on Linux, it sends the completely wrong message to developers.


Developement is not an easy task and for a small team of indie dev, it's impossible to port their games on multiple platforms. They don't have the ressources nor the time to test and patch multiple versions because each platform is a source of bug. Wine is a great tool to minimize this effort. You can't ask a game dev to port their game only on Linux. It's inconceivable at the moment. As a developer myself I understande those limits and I think Proton is one of the best thing that happened for Linux gaming and for Linux adoption. It's only my opinion on the subject but I'm here only because it would be cool to be able to play more games directly on I love gaming, I love Linux and beying able to play my favorite games on Linux is the best.

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What kind of programs are you using that makes it inconceivable? Whether you’re using Game Maker: Studio, Unity or using your own solutions, it’s never been easier to port to Linux than now.


Now that I have a Steam Deck, I’d like to bump this again. itch doesn’t even need to do anything fancy, just handle downloading and unpacking the games. I can do the rest of the setup from inside Steam myself.


I solved this for me by giving itch a wine executable to work with. Itch can download Windows games on Linux if a wine command can be found at a location defined in the PATH environment variable. I edited the itch desktop file to add the Steam Proton Experimental directory to PATH by replacing:

Exec=/home/deck/.itch/itch %U


Exec=env PATH="/home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Proton - Experimental/files/bin/":$PATH /home/deck/.itch/itch %U

After restarting itch through the desktop shortcut, I can download Windows games and add them to Steam using the regular “Add a non-Steam game to library” process and selecting a Proton version in the compatibility properties.

could you make more detailed tutorial?

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Put your Steam Deck into Desktop mode by pressing the Steam button, clicking Power and select Switch to Desktop. Open Firefox, download itch for Linux from and run the installer (double click itch-setup in the Downloads directory). Then right click on the itch icon that was created on your desktop and open with Kate, a text editor. There you replace the line that says:

Exec=/home/deck/.itch/itch %U

with a line that says:

Exec=env PATH="/home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Proton - Experimental/files/bin/":$PATH /home/deck/.itch/itch %U

On the next start of the itch client in desktop mode, you can download and install Windows games.

After installing a Windows game from itch, you open the Steam library in Desktop mode, click on Add a Game on the bottom left corner and Add a Non-Steam Game. Click Browse… and go find the .exe of the game you just installed. They’re in the directory /home/deck/.config/itch/apps. Either paste or type this into the address line in the file explorer, or navigate to it from your Home directory: .config is a hidden directory, so you either show hidden files by pressing Ctrl+H on a keyboard or by clicking on the settings icon in the top right corner of the file explorer (click the arrow if it’s hidden because the window is to small) and clicking Show Hidden Files.

If anything is still unclear, just ask!

You are doing god’s work, my dude 👍

i really hope they fix this problem and the black screen login