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Simple fun! I like the explosion fx. Adding in some power-ups would be cool if you decide to continue development.

Great entry! This game has a healthy balance of exploration and "AHHH DON'T DIE"

Thank you for the cool graphic! I look forward to participating again.

Hey kinstrife! I have read a few of your updates and devlogs and just purchased the Alpha preview. It is very exciting to see you all build something out of passion despite lacking funds. 

I will play around with alpha, and keep my eye out for a few more devlogs. Hopefully I can support on a monthly basis soon after that!

I agree! It would be fun to add new abilities as you reach higher levels.

The controls are a little difficult with mouse click, but the artwork is great. The battle system and inventory system are awesome. Simple and fun.

A little buggy but the theme, artwork, and music g really well together!

Great into! The game play is pretty smooth and the puzzles are fun. If you decide to polish the game later, I would make all of your cinematic and UI transitions faster.