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This is amazing

As a gamer, I understand LoSboccacc's frustration. But as a fellow programmer, I really appreciate your response. Thanks for sharing your hard work and creativity with us thus far. 

LoSboccacc, you may already know about it but, if you need something to tide you over, check out Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. It's in early access, but it's very fun and may scratch the same itch that Kinstrife will some day!

Awesome entry! Bitsized is a good descriptor.  I actually like the small, pre-designed levels. UI is easy on the eyes. Controls are simple. Tactical options are mostly limited to range and spacing which kept me focused on the action.

Thanks for playing. I'm glad the UI made sense, we weren't able to get everything in that we wanted for it. We definitely plan to smooth out the RNG, as well as procedurally generate the buildings. Haha it's funny you chopped the pyros! we left that mechanic in but actually, they can't quite be destroyed, only trapped.

This is awesome! I had images of the film in my head the entire time. This is a great example of how important theme can be for gameplay. There were times I wanted to save the samurai from death but chose to protect the villagers instead. It was sad but it really put me in their shoes. Great artwork too, nice touch going gray-scale. 

One weird thing was the turn speed controls. I'm not sure what I did wrong but the more I messed with the speed controls the slower the game got, even if I went the opposite direction. A visual representation might help?

Also do the villagers ever attack, or just defend?

Thanks for making this game, it's really fun. Something I'd love to play on work breaks.

I agree, you can squeeze in much more info onto the display. I wonder if adjusting colors would help the player prioritize visual info too. like if the terrain was less saturated so that it was even easier to parse the troops and such. OVerall this was so fun to experience.

Great entry into the 7drl! It's difficult to represent such a large battle with a tiny screen and only ascii, but I think this works great. I like the ability to switch between layers of view. This would make a great playground battle game similar to Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

The concept here is awesome! It's like a Mount and Blade roguelike.  

I liked the squad leader mechanic, their shouting orders really gives the battle some life. The AI isn't bad either, my spearmen usually manage to form a wall to protect the archers. Artwork is nice and upgrade between battle offered a nice sense of progression. The only confusing thing was moving along the map and having it scroll with you. Since the terrain is so bare, it was hard to tell that our group was moving forward until we saw the enemy army.

It would be really cool to see some new mechanics introduced, like special attacks or squad control.

Great submission!

I'd love to play at some point! Thanks for this post-mortem. My friend and I had a very similar experience this past week. We sacrificed a lot of time away from our families, stayed up way too late many nights, and took a little time away from work.

This is great insight into what it takes to succeed at 7drl: "the 7DRL is not to write a roguelike in seven days but to assemble one.".

We did a fair amount of prep work before the jam but it seems we could've done more. Like gathering art assets and music. We even considering building a physical prototype of the core game loop to test if it'd be fun. Maybe next year! That being said, we considered ours a success since it had the core loop and all of our major mechanics.

On to next year!

Simple fun! I like the explosion fx. Adding in some power-ups would be cool if you decide to continue development.

Great entry! This game has a healthy balance of exploration and "AHHH DON'T DIE"

Thank you for the cool graphic! I look forward to participating again.

Hey kinstrife! I have read a few of your updates and devlogs and just purchased the Alpha preview. It is very exciting to see you all build something out of passion despite lacking funds. 

I will play around with alpha, and keep my eye out for a few more devlogs. Hopefully I can support on a monthly basis soon after that!

I agree! It would be fun to add new abilities as you reach higher levels.

The controls are a little difficult with mouse click, but the artwork is great. The battle system and inventory system are awesome. Simple and fun.

A little buggy but the theme, artwork, and music g really well together!

Great into! The game play is pretty smooth and the puzzles are fun. If you decide to polish the game later, I would make all of your cinematic and UI transitions faster.