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bite-sized tactical roguelite
Submitted by Kawaii Solutions (@kawaiisolutions) — 21 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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  • I enjoyed this game quite a bit. There are enough skills to adjust to over multiple playthroughs, even though the maps start repeating. The controls take a bit to get used to, but it's understandable given that player controls a team with multiple abilities. I gave a score of 4 for completeness, because even the 7DRL version seems bug-free and rather polished. The team screen on the side and extra abilities are nice additions, but not essential. I do wish it was longer though :) I also gave a score of 4 for aesthetics - really like what you did there. In terms of roguelikeness, the repeating levels do make replay value decline over time - balanced procedurally generated map might be a challenge, but would make the game feel unique on every try. Giving it a score of 3 as it is right now.
  • The most serious problem with team tactics games is the pace. It is SLOW. So everything should be made to speed things up. This game is not very good at it. There were no bugs in original 7drl version, but interface was lacking. Updated version have better information presentation, but there are some weird visual bugs. There definitely could be helpers for automatic target selection, especially if there is only one target in range. It is moderately fun, but quite time consuming, to win the game once or twice, but the same level layout and nearly the same enemies make it not very different. Yes, the team members are randomized, but... somehow it's not REALLY different. Aproach is very straightforward every time. Probably team without ranged units and with some bad luck in random skills/items selection can be ramp up difficulty, but in all my cases the game was very easy. There are quite a few tactical games around with roguelike elements and many more complicated tactical elements, so this game have nothing new in it. Dispite game maps being static there are quite some character classes and upgrades in the game to be a solid 7drl entry. I don't think the game can qualify as a true roguelike, but as a roguelite - for sure.

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Awesome entry! Bitsized is a good descriptor.  I actually like the small, pre-designed levels. UI is easy on the eyes. Controls are simple. Tactical options are mostly limited to range and spacing which kept me focused on the action.


Thank you for the kind review! I appreciate it. I'm glad you liked the 'bitesized' concept.


Wow it's really nice. I cleared it with 11012 points. 1 Knight, 1 Archer and 2 Wizards.....


Thank you! Congratulations on beating it! That's the highest score I've heard yet :)