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A fire-fighting roguelike
Submitted by Classicwook, shoeHorn — 2 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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  • I was keen to try this game. I liked the strategic/tactical aspect of this game, but it was lacking just a tiny bit of polish with the controls and levels to consider it a thoroughly realized idea. For example, I had levels where the fire would start immediately next to the civilian. Or the civilian would be spawned on top of boxes and I couldn't grab the civilian to lead them out. Really great idea and execution, though. Title art was great.
  • Thanks for participating and submitting an entry into the 7DRL jam! I found this entry to be a really unique idea. As an aside, I find it incredible that no matter how "old" the genre gets, there's never a lack of new ideas for it. This is a good concept, and I urge you to keep adding some polish to it if you can. Some sound effects might add some punch. I appreciated the challenges involved with the constraint around using either the axe or the hose. Also found myself humming the soundtrack to Backdraft while playing this.

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This is great!

Jam JudgeSubmitted

I think this is a cool concept and solid implementation.  I like the emergent Sokoban-style stuff that can happen as you're trying to push boxes out of the way.  The flavor text adds humanity, and urgency.  When I first opened the game and saw the "helpless citizens" calling for help, I actually felt a little panic.  "I don't know what any of this does," I said aloud to the citizens, attempting haplessly to (G)rab my water gun.  The interface started to make sense very quickly.  The game scales in difficulty well, so level 3 really feels like a new problem.  Sometimes citizens burn to death even before I can get to the building, so maybe future versions could have a set minimum distance between citizens and starting flames.  I tried to chop all the pyros, but they just keep coming!  What is their deal?

Thanks for the game!


Thanks for playing. I'm glad the UI made sense, we weren't able to get everything in that we wanted for it. We definitely plan to smooth out the RNG, as well as procedurally generate the buildings. Haha it's funny you chopped the pyros! we left that mechanic in but actually, they can't quite be destroyed, only trapped.