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Seven Samurai RL (7SRL) (7DRL)View game page

Defend a village of nervous farmers from an attack by desperate bandits!
Submitted by benhem — 11 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline
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  • This is fantastic. Spot on aesthetics (even down to the black-and-white colour palette). Really interesting tactical play in terms of where to place your forces and keep the farmers useful. Great scope. My only wish is if Gorobei could actually fire arrows, to add more options whilst accentuating line of sight in a different way.
  • I was a bit excited seeing seven different sprites for samurais and immediately disappointed because all samurais are exactly the same. Even the one with a bow. Just a little difference in stats, or even better some special abilities could make the game much more fun. The game run fine, have couple minor bugs with scrolling and focusing, but is definitely not quite polished. While black and white aesthetics is nice, and I dig the reference, but from gameplay point of view it would be much easier if different units had a bit of a color tint to easier distinguish bandits. It's worth to win the game once or twice, but the replayability dies off very quickly. This is basically classical turn based tactics game. Nothing new or interesting here. Scope is more or less ok for a 7drl, probably on a weaker side. Can't call it true roguelike though. IMO it's a bit too simple with too few choices. I mean technically there are a lot of choices each round, but they are more or less trivial for the most part.

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This is awesome! I had images of the film in my head the entire time. This is a great example of how important theme can be for gameplay. There were times I wanted to save the samurai from death but chose to protect the villagers instead. It was sad but it really put me in their shoes. Great artwork too, nice touch going gray-scale. 

One weird thing was the turn speed controls. I'm not sure what I did wrong but the more I messed with the speed controls the slower the game got, even if I went the opposite direction. A visual representation might help?

Also do the villagers ever attack, or just defend?

Thanks for making this game, it's really fun. Something I'd love to play on work breaks.


Hey, thanks for the kind words!  I love the film.  And it is definitely intended as a coffee-break game.

To answer your questions, left bracket does speed the game up.  You do need to tap the key a few times, rather than hold it down, which I should probably make a note of.

Farmers do attack bandits, often successfully!  But there are some complications.  One is that they won't attack if they're afraid.  They become afraid if they can't see a samurai in their field of vision.  The other is that five of the bandits are wearing armor and carrying better weapons, and the farmers aren't much of a match for them.  Armored bandits are a serious threat and are best dealt with by luring them into positions where they can be struck twice in one turn.

Unit stats (as damage/life):

  • farmer: 1/1
  • bandit: 1/2
  • armored bandit: 2/3
  • samurai: 2/2

The odds are always against you in this game, as the war-weary Kambei would tell you, sighing and rubbing his head...