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Chris Rix

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Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Fun game but the controls get confusing and the bosses don't give much feedback so it is difficult to tell if you are doing anything to them.

Beautiful game, very compelling. It is amazing how fast a good run can fall apart.

Brilliant game. Genuinely fun challenge.

Good simple fun though I think I cheesed some of the solutions.

The browser version of this game does not seem to be working but the download that can be found by scrolling down does. This game is definitely worth playing and well done for completing it.

Some technical criticisms would be: 1) If you press both dimension switch buttons at the same time you get some objects only meant in one world in the other. 2) If the player rubs into corners while moving he rotates. This fixes itself but it can be prevented by going to the constraints in the Rigidbody2D and checking the lock rotation z box.

The game looks beautiful and the gameplay is very compelling. It would be good to get more info on which of your crew are sick as I lost all of my electricians without noticing.

Actually very fun, but it did start to give me a headache.

Love the puzzles and the art, this is a very well made game. The only issue was a bug (maybe) where I accidentally input the water track before it was taught. This made me think I could build over water when I couldn't. Still a 5 star game.

Nice work completing the game jam. Others have given you plenty of tips to move forward and you should definitely follow up on them. It's a great way to learn.

Brilliant game. Gets hectic very quickly.

This is an incredibly beautiful game. It really is amazing.

Fun game but you may want to set a max speed as I ended up jumping to the end of the level.

Interesting idea you came up with. I'm really impressed with how much you got done in the time.

Fun game. Really makes you think to keep control. I suggest being careful about using shift in your controls as it can cause sticky keys to interrupt the player.

It's a fun little game. Well done.

Very fun game and great choice in music. The only criticism I have is the random points. It made the score feel pointless. The number of enemies killed or the time survived felt like more of an achievement. But still you made a great game so well done.

Great game, lots of fun. You should definitely keep working on this if you have the time.

It was a fun game and I loved what you did with audio.