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Update the comment based on the change.

(I had gone through some virus scanner issues to play this, but that's another story)

It's a bunch of mini-reaction games that you play within a short amount of time, each game has its unique look and cute animations, and I like it.

You score every time you successfully complete a task it asks before the stage, failing will cause you to lose 1 life.

The challenge will increase its difficulty slowly with the levels you pass (At least I have a feeling about it).

Overall a highly polished game that you should give a try.

I really love this game, it's relaxing and fun to watch the animation.

It's a game about Cirno trying to collect all the fish, you press Z to drop the lure and wait for them to bite it. Once it happens just pull them out with the keys shown above.

This game provides a little surprise with each fish you catch, and the dev also makes descriptions for each fish, a really nice little detail.

Highly recommended.

This is a game about you playing a snowball fight with Alice, the gameplay is pretty easy to understand, you shield from enemies' attack by pressing Shift, and attack them with Left mouse hold(decide the throwing angle) then release(shoot).

It's a simple but well-polished game, and the game looks really nice, good job!

Holy Sanae this is made within 4 days?

It's a really awesome game in many aspects, it feels juicy to play, and the challenges are fun to do, also gives you the feeling of a little open world.

Highly recommended, a must-play.

This is a highly polished game with a relaxing atmosphere.

Instead of feeling like playing a game, it's more like an experience of just skiing and having fun, and it's really amazing.

Your goal is to collect the items she requires, and you can use your perfect freeze to move across the ocean, simple as that.

Highly recommended.

Very interesting concept, this is a game about defeating snowmen.

You can either go melee with them or catch the snowball they throw at you, then throw it back or use it as a medical kit.

The boss is definitely not messing around, so be careful.

Overall very fun to play once you get the idea.

This is a game about...the thumbnail is a lie!

Anyway, it's a skiing Marisa(?) versus snowball with Danmaku game, if you like skiing and Danmaku, this is a fun game to try.

It's a game about square Cirno fires bullets toward snowball, and I think that's all.

I can see the dev actually put some effort into making the thumbnail for sure.

Oh, it did have one? I better play longer to check it out.

It's a fishing game featuring Useless Button(?) and fishing multiple fishes at once.

I don't think this game has a score counter or endings, maybe? I keep fishing for a while and the game doesn't seem to have anything happen.

It's a little interactive game, about Reimu fixing her shrine during winter.

For the first game, a person can make, not bad, the thumbnail is really appealing, and you pick the right scope that you can handle.

Maybe next time you can try to add some customized UI assets and BGM, to make the game feel juicier.

This is a game about freezing frogs as many as possible before the time runs out, hold the left mouse to shrink the range and click the right mouse to release the bullet.

The art and the animation are good, giving a good vibe to the game.

It's definitely a fun and easy-to-understand game, and the BGM turning into a singing version when counting score is cool.

It's a fast-paced Danmaku game, Z is for shooting, and X is to slow the bullets down so you can dodge easily.

The bullet patterns are really beautiful to watch, plus the cover is really beautiful, so it would rank high in Art for sure.

I am glad it doesn't have a try limit because I am really terrible at this type of game, it's good to know that suckers like me can also finish the game without any problem, other than dying a lot.

Overall, a great game to try if you like the Danmaku games, it's really challenging as well.

This is a really well-polished racing game.

You can clearly see tons of love and effort put into this, and I really like the small comics showing what is going on in the campaign mode.

I am amazed by the quality, that's all I can say.

This is a simple story-driven game, you make choices, and it affects your ending, simple as that.

It has some good humorous moments, if you like this type of game give it a try.

One thing I must say is that the BGM can be kinda scary sometimes, would be better if the dev can replace it with a more relaxing kind of music.

This is by far the weirdest game I played in this jam but in a good way.

I think it's better not to spoil anything and let the players experience themselves.

I kinda enjoy the story, really well-written.

The web version for some reason stuck on the black screen with a bunch of texts, so I went with the downloaded version instead.

The camera angle changes when you move to a new location, and you need to keep an eye on your body temperature to make sure you don't freeze to lose consciousness.

You collect items to solve some problems you are facing, pretty easy to understand, and even if you freeze to death, you will respawn.

The game is oddly appealing in its own way, it's hard to describe.

Mmm...the UI of the game can be really confusing.

I thought the music mark is for music adjustment or something, but it turns out to be a door to your kitchen.

The gameplay is about making pies for characters and trying your best to meet their need.

The art is cute, but the writing...well, creates a contrast to it, but I believe it is intentional.

I believe it would be a nice game once it is actually finished.

It looks like a normal skiing game at first, but then it becomes a Danmaku skiing game.

The gameplay itself is well-polished, and the animation seems smooth, I really like the in-between when characters talk to you.

A fun game to try if you like both skiing and Danmaku.

This is a rhythm game with a story.

The character design is really unique and artistic.

Overall a nice little game to try if you like this kind of genre.

Wow, this is a game with a really polished look.

Not sure if it is caused by the unfinished reason, but after some point, I can't appoint a new tower into my field even though I have enough points.

Overall, a really great game to try.

It's a Danmaku game with really nice character art.

The music is smooth as well.

Took me a while to understand how the control actually works, though.

This is a well-polished game, and the concept itself is interesting, you defeat enemies by ramming into them, but also you have to be careful about the direction, which is the hardest part to master.

You can roll with a new character after you defeat them, which is kinda cool and gives you the feeling of progressing.

This game has an interesting game mechanic, you roll your snowball to trap your enemies.

It's really hard to control your snowball, though, a slightly different angle can lead it in a totally undesired direction.

(1 edit)

This game has some really interesting concepts, it's a player vs player type of game, one needs to dodge the bullet shoots by another.

It's cool to see what kind of Danmaku you can DIY with Cirno.

Edit: Now the solo mode is there(by clicking the checkbox), here is the impression after playtesting:

It's definitely not the easiest game to play, since aiming a floating enemy within a short reacting time can sometimes be hard, plus your bullet might fire toward a totally different angle with just a mild miscount.

Your goal is to keep enemies away from your defense line, with only 3 lives, which can be used up very quickly if you are not careful enough.

Very interesting and fun-to-play game.

I can see the dev put tons of love into the game, it's really fun to see other characters just being happy in the background.

It's a classic Danmaku type of game but in horizontal scrolling form.

The BGM is really good to listen to.

I am a terrible player in this genre so probably can't give any more details about the game.

This game might not have the best-looking art, but it sure has a very interesting and funny story.

I guess this is intended to be a co-op game, maybe?

It's about running away from a giant snowball, with each character having her own control keys.

The art looks great, especially the head icon.


Very interesting concept, about you being a hacker hacking into someone's computer.

It's currently just a demo I guess, and it is definitely not winter-related, but it is still a nice game to see.

It's a racing game, you gain speed by doing flips in the air.

The difficulty of the game is high for sure, you can lose speed very easily, but really hard to gain it back(or maybe it is because I suck).

(1 edit)

I am not sure if submitting a post-jam version is possible, I guess we will never know what it looks like.

Edit: This is the moment for everyone to celebrate, the game had launched!

This is a sliding game we all waiting for!

This is basically Temple Run in Touhou form.

The file is really large(380MB) so might takes some time to download.

I would say the gameplay concept is fine, but it is really hard to find the perfect time to jump for some reason.

OMG this game is really fun to play.

It has 4 different types of mini-games for you to play, skiing, snowball fighting, dressing up, and memorizing the order.

The art style is really unique and beautiful.

Overall, a great game to try.

This is a simple but fun-to-play game, the control is really smooth.

And the BGM is really great to listen to.

This is a game about being Cirno and trying to shoot and survive as long as possible.

The title art is really pretty, the gameplay is okay, you can basically one-shot all the enemies, and the bullet reloads time is relatively short.

This is a space invader game in Touhou form.

Has an interesting premise and decent gameplay, and the art is nice as well.

What a nice little concept for a game, I really like the atmosphere.

The voice acting of some characters could be a little bit annoying(like the crow sound), but overall it's fine.

I don't know if I am missing something, but Reimu says that "We ran out of time", is it literally the game ends there or I should close the shop?

Beat 21 stages and make it to the end, it's a little nice game with a really simple but good-level design.

I don't know if the HP part is being used, because I thought there would be some tiles like spikes or something.