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Thank you very much, it's really nice to hear!

Out of curiosity, how did you find it ?

Thanks 😄 !! Yeah there is just the multiplier going down if you don't do anything, but I didn't want a game you could lose haha

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Thank you very much, it's really impressive to form them all !! I don't remember my chemistry class enough to explain why two carbons can't form a "quadruple" bond, sorry haha

Thank you !! Yeah I thought about different game modes, but after the jam unfortunately

The characters are really cute !! Nice game good job!

I find this game very hard but it's a nice concept with cool graphics!

Thank you :D !!

A really cute and fun take on the rope theme, good job!

As a math fan, I can only find a Fourier game great ! The concept is really smart and the visuals are nice too, well done!

Your game shows a game does not need fancy graphics to be really fun ! I really like the concept, good job!

It is a very cute game, the art is really good! The concept is also great, well done!

I really like the art style and the concept is very clever, well done!

I really like the look of your game !

I really love the looks of the blocks and the light on the arrow and everything, and the puzzle are really clever, good job!

Tjnak you very much! Yeah art is not my strong  point, so I do as I can haha


Thanks a lot!! 

I really love the gamepay and the puzzles, well done!

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Is all the audio made with an harmonica ?? It's very nice and the art is cute, good job!

I love the art and its style, it's very nice to look at, and the gameplay is a cool take on the rope theme!

The idea is good and the visuals and sounds are nice too, but I have difficulties with the controls haha

The visuals are very cute and the concept is good, but the movement are a little bit too slow

The game is very cute, the sounds are on point and the puzzles are well tought-out! Great job overall!

A very nice take on the bonding of different elements, good job ! The visuals are also quite good

Thank you !!

Thank you very much for your comment it is really pleasing to read!!

Sometimes the characters got stuck on the edge of the screen and couldn't move

Thank you very much, it means a lot!

Thank you ! The reminder is in the formula but I guess it may be a good idea to have a visual representation yes!

Clever idea and neat graphics and audio!

Very fun to play, it just lacks a little bit of sound!

Simple concept yet effective, good job!

This game is so beautiful and poetic, good job ! The gameplay mechanic is also really well done, as well as the art !

Really beautiful game, nice music and neat gameplay ! My suggestions would just be to add something to indicate which character will move next and when one character is at the door, make that we only play the other.

The concept is neat, but it needs a little bit more explainations in-game (maybe a tutorial), and a better camera system to be really good!

The art is really fine and the concept is quite clever! It's just a bit hard to control both characters at once haha

Really beautiful game, but I couldn't play due to bugs :(

Really fun concept and cute graphics, good job!

Thank you very much! Yeah I could have done a lot to help to find molecules, but I didn't find an elegant solution in time, besides the hint haha

Very cute game with a clever concept, well done!