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I loved your visual tech to imply the downward descent! It looked incredible

I had so much fun with this! The puzzles are designed in such a way that solving them feels very clever.

Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you so much! We hoped that the first 2 cube level would entice the player to continue and see the multi cube puzzles. But based on feedback we see that the 1 cube ones were pretty hard.

I absolutely love your tileset and color choices!

Thanks! So the song was made for the jam, but here's a link to it!

Hey, looks like we independently came to similar ideas lol! Love your take on the mechanic. Would love some more challenging levels because I worked through the game pretty fast

I like the characters were given dialogue and personality! I enjoyed the design of the third level a lot.

Such a good combination of action and puzzle. You have to the optimal route for each level then click accurately and with the right timing. Fun stuff!

I got 71! Sitting on the edges seems to be the trick, but then enemies may spawn right on top of you and you can get unlucky. A simple but fun game! An interactive tutorial rather than text could be a nice potential improvement.

I love the attaching power ups system and how that affects the shape of your character! Made for some fun platforming

I enjoyed how you used the mechanics to implement the game over, it's really elegant!

This is a really fun and chaotic way to play tetris! The small play window is really charming.

I'd love to see the potion mechanic implemented, but I was still able to enjoy the nice isometric room art!

This is a masterpiece. The clarity/efficiency of the visuals, the integrated tutorial, and the asymmetrical controls of the bots make this an incredible submission. A brilliant realization of the theme! 

The color coordination on the symbols are a big help! This guy talks fast!

Spinning looks good at a glance, but it will actually drain your health! The max score will require some strategy

Very cute game. The art is awesome! I want to get a big group but but then it gets harder to protect them all!

The way challenge is created with this mechanic is extremely compelling!

Seeing the turret and tank disconnect gave me a good laugh. Really goofy game with a surprising amount of fun.

The multiplayer functionality is so impressive. I would love to see a behind the scenes on how levels are stored. Even without multiplayer, the main game is amazing and would be a gem on its own.

I liked the robot designs

The networked platforming idea IS really promising, it was just so dang hard to stay connected!

It was fun to multi-task, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere that the music creates!

I think I beat it? The game reset back to the beginning. Cool concept that was fun to play!

A very EFFICIENT game! I love the mechanic and can imagine there being so much more done with it, but sometimes a short and sweet game hits the spot. It's always a treat playing your games

Great game! I figured out a way a to send fake scores so sorry about those AUSTIN scores lol. If you want me to show you how I did it so you can prevent other fake scores, message me on discord at austin#7903 :^)

Thank you so much! That is all very kind :^)

Thanks! I would recommend trying the itch desktop app if fullscreen does not work in the website.

Awesome! Thank you for playing!

Thanks! If you are playing games from the randomizer that might be why. Make sure you play them from their game page for fullscreen to work :^)

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Thank you! If you press the button in the bottom right you can fullscreen it, and if play in the itch desktop app you can play it in any sized window you want.

The presentation is really cohesive and the table moving mechanic is actually pretty fun! Requires quick thinking.

The tileset and sprites are quite good! Everything visual is well-communicated, great color choice too!

The controls felt unresponsive at times but this is actually a very unique concept. It requires the player to make some smart, long term decisions. Very promising.

Thank you so much, we're rotation buddies! I love the pendulum mechanic in your game, it's so clever!

Thank you so much! All those elements were added pretty close to the deadline and they turned out to be so important! I'm really glad we could get those touches.

Thank you so much for playing! I'm sure you can beat it!

Wow! Thank you so much for your support! This was so fun to make and we are excited to make more games!

Thank you so much!