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My 4 year old son beat me to your game :) 33622 he got. :D

I did not really understand the point of the game... beside producing more soldiers what was i supposed to do?

Inverted controls made my kid sad and confused... also is the rocket suposed to rotte around the z axis like that?

Hey man your game is quite fun! Thank you!

Hey it's a really nice idea, and I tried to play with my kid but controlling the puck is way too difficult. I dunno, maybe it's a collision problem?

I agree with disguised it's fun but for a few minutes... But i like that you took the theme a made a game were there are no out of control game mechanics but just the background "story" means out of control :D I loled at that :D

Hey I liked it ! It needs more rhythm and sound but otherwise good concept :)

Thanks very much ! Yeah i'm planning on working on it a bit further but i'm lacking the art and audio skills, so I'd to find a way around that :D

I think you went a bit too far in the out of control. The keys change too frequently, and there is no indication that the keys have changed. Maybe a visual indicator would be good? And a sound cue?

I liked the fact that it is a platformer though, and the fact that the water does not go up too fast.

overall good idea, but the corruption movement feel feel a tad random IMO... I lost quite a few games to that 🙂

whoa man that was dark! I really like the criticism of the system, the Bible citations not so much. The puzzles are a bit basic, but I guess that's not what's important here 🙂 overall good idea and good take on the out of control theme! Good job man! 

a bit too hard for me but but the concept is appealing. Also, I regularly had enemies spawning on top of me... 

haha thanks. Yeah I had trim down the sheeps un mind 😁 but il not an English speaker and I thought of that afterwards

Hey nice little game! I had a lot of trouble figuring how to move the character, maybe it needs to be a tad less slippery :) I the first fountain in the first level is really weel hidden, there needs to be some indication that something is up :) I thought the platform was there just for the bouncing on. Music is really cool also :)

Really fun concept !! I love the execution, the juice, animations, ... One criticism, I never felt in danger of loosing at all. i finished the last level with 2mn to spare... The time given for the levels should be reduced :D Great job !!

Hey, it looks pretty fun ! However it is wasd, so i can't really play it sadly. With the graphics and all i thought I could play with the gamepad, but it didn't work ? Good concept, quite punitive :)

The concept is really cool but it needs some rythm i think, and a bit more juice to make it really interesting. The werewolf turns animations were not necessary I believe, and could have been replaced with effects imho. Good job overall!

Man that game is impossible... :) Had a bit of fun though :) 

Hey I like the concept very much ! And it's quite well executed :) Overral this is the kind of games I dig, and would very well suited for mobile !

thanks so much for your comments! I will definitely try to improve upon this 🙂

thank you very much! I'm actually reflecting on expanding the gameplay to several types of character and all, but I also need to find the art to support that 🙂

thank so much! Yeah I think it's a good simple base to be expanded upon! 

Yeah that may be why then... It looked green on my screen. Strange. Maybe a combinaison of colors then...

Hmmm sorry I think i've not been clear.... I can't recall exactly what I was taking abt ^^'.... But I don't remember being able press the colored buttons on the 3d controller? I think I wanted to say I did not really understand how to properly controll the trolls or something like that :)

Thank you very much for the feedback ! I am actually looking into adding more character types. But the theme was out of control so in the end... :) Joke asside I agree with you I think that there is level after which the sheeps spawn too fast and the game just goes unplayable. I'll look into improving that also !

Thanks so much for your feedback ! As for the bug, I'll look into it. I have to say I spent way more time than should have been circumventing Unity's navigation system to make sure I that I could navigate using both keyboard AND gamepad and that buttons where coloring properly (which I had to hack :sigh:) that I did even think to try enter on the sliders... Thanks very much for reporting it !

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Haha I had fun thank you :) Really great idea :) And gamepad ! Thank you for that :)

Hi there ! I liked your game! I think it's a bit too easy, and maybe the levels are out of order in terms of difficulty :) And also it might need quite a few variations on the theme, it took me a while to understand that between the two runs there was things that behaved differently ! Cool idea though. As for the art style, it's cute, but the backgrounds and foregrounds in the first levels are weird (I could see that it was the same image slapped over and over), and I could see the engine default background in the back. Good entry !

Thank you for playing my game ! I agree with you completely ! I actually plan on doing just that, and adding crocs with different traits also :)

Thank you for your feedback ! Yeah I agree with you but my brain has been trained for much to think about sheeps exploding in a river a blood that I could not think of something fitting the graphical style that wasn't exactily that :)

Yeah no worries i'm used to it :) French (speaking?) people are the only ones using AZERTY I think sooo... I understand why people don't take that into account. I don't personnally really think about other possible layout other than QWERTY and AZERTY :)

Thank you very for playing my game back :)

Really pretty game, and well made. I manage to find a way use wasd on azerty by just pressing d and rotating the camera ^^' Sad story though :)

Sorry I really wanted to play it seen as you rated my game also, but I can't WASD on my keyboard...

Sorry can't rate WASD, cool concept though mate. I really wanted to play that !

Whoa this game is just awsome, please make more of that !!!!

Nice concept, but WASD is too hard for me :) I'm on AZERTY :) Could be fun as a twinstick on a gamepad also :)

Controls are a bit fiddly for me, but i really like the concept. It's just really hard to stay on the road, and once you've been slowed down a bit much it gets kinda borring :) Also, i thing the first green door up doesn't work?

Hey thank you for playing my game! I'll check out yours after work :) I'll try to continue working on it, I have a few ideas to evolve the game. I don't if i can find the art that match my ideas though...

very nicely done game which I suck at cause you know... It's this kind of games 😇 love the art, good music no bugs... Really cool!!