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Try this hint:

Hi jotapeg, that is a fantastic suggestion. Can you please write us a message on our facebook page ( or join our discord server ( and write a message to "Reaktor:[Dave]"?

Thank you so much! :)

That issue is now fixed with the latest version: 

Thanks a lot for reporting!

The engine we decided to use for the game - Unity 2017 - does not support Linux ARM, unfortunately. It would be so damn cool, though! :D

Congrats, Bartolito! :D

Yes, some achievements are very difficult and require out-of-the-box-thinking. Thanks for not giving up. ^^

We tested the game on our Ubuntu 18.04 machines with X11 as well as Wayland. You should be able to start the game without any special treatment. Do you have an error message?

We don't want to spoil anything, but we also want to state, that the trophy "Going crazy" isn't bugged and never was in any released version.

The game runs fine at that resolution on our machines. Do you have a screenshot? 

Please try running the game with the following parameters: -resolution:800,600 -fullscreen:false

If the parameter fails the first time, run it a second time with that parameter as the resolution setting can lag behind. Go to the options menu and click on "Reset". What resolution does the game want to change to after you clicked on "Reset"?

We've seen this one two times, too. A rare one. If you come up with a recipe to reproduce this, let us know!

Your GPU does not meet the minimal requirements (namely OpenGL3.2), unfortunately.

This has been fixed with version 1.1.0.

Thank you for reporting this. Can you tell us your desktop/screen resolution? 

Thank you so much for reporting this. We just released an update that fixes the issue with the white square cursor during NonInteractives. If you use the app, you'll get the update automatically.

We just released an update that fixes the issue with the counter. There was a mistake in reading out that information for each new playthrough and thus triggering the achievement. If you actually have heard 1000 different audio lines, the update will give you the trophy automatically, since storing your progress with these achievements was working fine.

Strange, we tried to reproduce it without any luck. We followed the instructions from your file and also run the 64bit version with -force-opengl - everything is working fine here. 

You can record a video from a game with Win10 by pressing Win+G in window mode. 

With the latest version (1.0.3 this issue was fixed. In case you are able to reproduce this on v1.0.3, please report back. Thank you!

Great you were able to resolve the issue! Now have some fun at Fred's mansion ;)

So it seems like the issue were two different programs - Windows' own sound configuration tool and Realtek's - had incompatible settings on the same audio device?

We are unable to reproduce this on our machines. Are you able to record a video with you mouse cursor so we can see what is going on?

Thank you for posting the screenshot. Everything looks good!

We need you to do some more things and answer the following four points.

Obvious question:
1. Do you have a 5.1 speaker setup connected to you soundcard?

Back to your screenshot: In the window "Lautsprecher-Setup", see the selected entry "5.1 Surround". Click on "Testen" and count the number of audio signals, each signal being played back by a different speaker of your setup. You should:
2. hear six sounds, each coming from a different speaker
3. perceive them at the same level
4. hear the sounds as the following sequence: left speaker, right speaker, center speaker, subwoofer speaker, rear left speaker, rear right speaker

Ja, es handelt sich dabei um einen Bug. Es ist nicht vorgesehen, dass man sich beliebig viele Spinat-Dosen aus der Mikrowelle holen kann :)

Es war zum Zeitpunkt der Aufnamen geplant, dass jeder Charakter das Spinat-Rätsel lösen kann. Beim Gameplay-Testing fielen uns aber mehrere Probleme dabei auf, sodass wir uns dazu entschieden haben, den Spinat permanent in Hoagies Tasche zu schieben. Dadurch sind leider die Lookat-Sprüche, die du durch den Bug entdeckt hast, quasi rausgeflogen.

Great! And which version number? You can check this by going into the main menu. There should be a number in the top-left corner.

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Thanks for your answer. We need some more info about your audio device. On Windows 10, please open the start menu and search for a programm called "Sound" (icon resembles a loudspeaker) and run it.

- Make a screenshot of the Sound program once the window is there.

In the Sound program, find the default audio device (the one with the green icon), left-click on it to select it. Now find the button on the bottom of the window named "Configure". Click on it.

- Make a screenshot of the new window without selecting anything.

That new window should look similar this:

Vielen Dank! Das ist mit dem nächsten Update behoben.

Du sags, dass man nur noch eine Aufgabe übrig hat, um das Spiel zu lösen. In deinem Beispiel mit dem Pin aufhängen müsste Hoagie bereits den Spinat benutzt haben. Daher fragen wir uns, wie du es geschafft hast, dass Bernard den Spinat überhaupt hat. Oder bekommt Bernard den Spinat erst, wenn er die Mikrowelle benutzt? Hast du ein Savegame von dem Zustand davor?

Can you give us your hardware specs? 

The crash on pressing "enter" is likely caused by your OS message about the program not responding. On Linux, it is necessary to do a task switch out of the game and back in upon entering the menu/language selection screen. Otherwise, the game won't process your input information. 

Hi digirz, the bug you are experiencing is hard to reproduce, as it probably involves Unity skipping some frames and because of that not processing a call from the gameplay logic. However, we have developed a workaround that is able to detect that situation. It should be fixed with the next update, which will also repair your savegame.

Hallo itichi, du scheinst da einen schwer reproduzierbaren Bug gefunden zu haben. Hast du zufälligerweise noch ein Savegame von diesem Zustand? Du kannst es entweder per Dropbox oder so hochladen oder uns auf facebook ( schicken.

Hi Svankmajer, we are happy you enjoy our game! Can you tell us what version of the game you have?

Hi blackbird2016. The issue you have is new to us. Is this something you can reproduce by loading a certain savegame? If you start a new game, the voice is fine? If so, please upload your savegame so we can have a look at it.

Keep in mind that changes to the OS' audio system while the game is running are not supported due to a bug in Unity. Sometimes, these changes can happen without the user's notice (for example connecting a screen to you video card with audio output over HDMI).

Also, please post your hardware details, especially the audio device.

This will be fixed with the next update.

Great you got it working! We are happy you enjoyed our game. :D

Please spread the word about our game :)

On NVIDIA GPUs, it is recommended to use the manufacturers proprietary driver for gaming. So yes, pick that NVIDIA driver!

Our game cannot run on ARM/Linux. Try the game on your PC, this is your best shot. :)

You beat us by 8 seconds! :D


Our record is at 11:10 :)

Unfortunately, our game does not support OpenGL GPUs prior to v3.2. You'll need to get a GPU that is at least OpenGL 3.2 compatiable.

Thank you for reporting, we'll have a look into this.

Anybody experiencing this issue (we didn't, that's because we need your help) we have an idea what could be causing this and implemented a safety mechanism to detect such scenarios. We'd happily send you a test build for you to verify that it fixes the issue. 

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Vielen Dank. Wir haben das Problem entdeckt und machen ein Update, welches dein kaputtes Savegame reparieren wird. Damit du aber direkt weiterspielen kannst, haben wir dir hier ein Savegame hochgeladen, wo der Fehler bereits behoben ist:

Allerdings ist die Ursache dieses Fehlers für uns unerklärlich.

Als du den Schlauch aus dem Fenster geworfen hast, ist dir in dem Moment etwas merkwürdiges aufgefallen?
Kannst du uns ungefähr eine Schätzung geben, auf wieviel FPS das Spiel bei dir läuft?