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Return of the Tentacle

Sequel to the Point&Click-Adventure "Day of the Tentacle" · By catmic

CRASH on Ubuntu 18.04

A topic by Jau-Al created Aug 07, 2018 Views: 565 Replies: 2
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When I launch the game and am asked to choose the language, the game freezes. I can move the mouse but nothing else, and if I press enter : it crashes.

In command line, it complains about a plugin right before ending process :

Preloaded ''
Unable to preload the following plugins:



Can you give us your hardware specs? 

The crash on pressing "enter" is likely caused by your OS message about the program not responding. On Linux, it is necessary to do a task switch out of the game and back in upon entering the menu/language selection screen. Otherwise, the game won't process your input information. 

Sorry, I forgot to answers which is bad *slap myself*

I launched the game some minutes ago and... Looks like it's fixed ! Takes a lot of time on flags screen but after that, it looks fine. Thank you a lot :-)