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Return of the Tentacle

Sequel to the Point&Click-Adventure "Day of the Tentacle" · By catmic

Last achievements

A topic by Bartolito created Aug 19, 2018 Views: 1,702 Replies: 22
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Ok, so I have 39/43 achievements. After doing a whole walktrough I don´t know what more I can try. The 4 I have left are:

- Unlock all achievemets (obviously)

- 1 of the hidden ones

- Going mad: does this mansion harm's everybody's mind? This one I think I know where it can be, because Bernard says this sentence in a particular place, but I don't know how to trigger it.

- King of fools: Try to block your way. No idea where this is.

Instead of giving some hint or spoiler, can anyone cofirm these can be achieved?

me too. I dont know how tho trigger "does this mansion harm's everybody's mind?" and "keeping track"

the "king of fools"  i have already . I need a lot of time to find it too. =)
sry for my bad english

Keeping track, you need to save and delete a game. 

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I've got now the last hidden achievment, maybe I'll get over my laziness to rush through the game and I'll be on 40/43

Edit: Done 40/43 now

Even I've noticed that the vsync option has an impact on the measured time

Only 'King of fools' and 'Going mad' are left

If you only got 1 hidden left What are the others?

If I am correct there are 14 achievements hidden at the start. I can tell you the 13 I have, but i prefer not saying in public because that's the fun of them.

I can't see how to send a private message in this platform. Maybe that's my last one hidden? :-P

last hidden achievement is to get the devs to do a kickstarter campaign for the full game :D

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Well, I'm dumb. I reset achievement list for cheking if there was a bug or something. Why? Because I'm dumb, I told you :-P

So now I am again 40/43. I have "king of fools"; it is "fool of stupidity" really, quick traslation, my bad. I will remember where it is for the rest of my life ;-) The ones left:

- Going crazy: Does this mansion harm everybody's sanity: I think this one is bugged. I've played 1.0.3 and 1.1.0. Those of you who got it, remember with which version?

- Achievement hunter: All Achievements unlocked: of course

- 1 hidden achievements: I still have no idea

Will I get all of them some day? I'll keep trying ...

P.S.: Can older versions be downloaded?

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41/43 :D

Only one to find: Going crazy: Does this mansion harm everybody's sanity. 

Not only this mansion, this game isn't better ;)


I've checked the known place for the Going crazy achievement with the Linux versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 and also 1.1.0 and a complete 'fresh' install each, so no config with a bad setting could interfere. But it seems that we're both looking at the wrong place or it's bugged in all versions.

Counting 100000 downloads and with 0.01% from the global achievement list there only 10 gamers with this achivement. Guess these belong all to the dev team ;)

Maybe the devs could/should check if it is still feasable to get.

Thanks, itichi

I think "Going crazy" it is bugged. In fact these achievements aren't difficult but missable, so I doubt we two (and some more) haven't found it.

By the way, finally I found my last hidden one, so 41/43 too.


We don't want to spoil anything, but we also want to state, that the trophy "Going crazy" isn't bugged and never was in any released version.

Thanks, catmic. But you may realize what itichi and me were talking about: it seems that the achievement "has" to do with a sentence Bernard says at a certain point. If the achievement is somewhere else, we haven't search enough.

But you devs are ... what's the word ...  ¿twisted? ¿devious? ¿machiavellain? :-P


King of fools: Try to block your way. No idea where this is.

Got this one yesterday. Any hints for the "keeping track" achievement?

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Congratulations. I don't know why, but "king of fools" was hard to find for many people, including me. For "keeping track", I prefer not doing any spoiler in public. Can I send you a PM? How?

The devious thing of 'king of fools'  is, if you know once how to trigger it, you will find that it is possible at several places.

I've to admit, that there is for myself currently more frustration than fun

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I noticed that too. I think blue tentacle will think "keeping track" is more devious that "king of fool" :-P

But we know the king of devious achievements is the one and only "Going crazy"

I Will like help to "Keeping track" and "Going Crazy" and the last hidden please :D

I Don't think you can sent PM on this platform.

Should we make a new topic that have warning about spoilers or a Facebook group or something else?

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Ok, I finally got "Going Crazy", and "Achievement Hunter" too, so 43/43 at last.

@itichi: it is not where we thought, you have to get it in the second part. I advise not to go for it, it's hidden, very hidden. When it is more public, I wll suggest them to change the description of the achievement, because no it's so confusing.

You devs are ...  this achievement nearly harms my sanity ;-) Apart from that, you made an awesome work. Congratulations. And please, keep going, we need a full game.

@Jones Damm: As I said, "Going crazy" is very hidden. "Keep track" is easier, you can get it even without looking for it.  Don't know which hidden one is your last.

Thanks but think i have tried everything but since i still missing them i haven't. Since it is hidden i don't know what the last one is ;)

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Ok, I will give you a small tip. Have you read the README?


Congrats, Bartolito! :D

Yes, some achievements are very difficult and require out-of-the-box-thinking. Thanks for not giving up. ^^

Hello there!

I still do not have the fool, the crazy and the "last hidden" achievement. Can anyone give me those hints please :)


Try this hint: