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Ok, I will give you a small tip. Have you read the README?

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Ok, I finally got "Going Crazy", and "Achievement Hunter" too, so 43/43 at last.

@itichi: it is not where we thought, you have to get it in the second part. I advise not to go for it, it's hidden, very hidden. When it is more public, I wll suggest them to change the description of the achievement, because no it's so confusing.

You devs are ...  this achievement nearly harms my sanity ;-) Apart from that, you made an awesome work. Congratulations. And please, keep going, we need a full game.

@Jones Damm: As I said, "Going crazy" is very hidden. "Keep track" is easier, you can get it even without looking for it.  Don't know which hidden one is your last.

It goes like this:

- use 1st cord

- let another character (not Bernard) try to get the 2nd

You'll have the 2nd cord duplicated, one automaticly used and the other one at the inventory.

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I noticed that too. I think blue tentacle will think "keeping track" is more devious that "king of fool" :-P

But we know the king of devious achievements is the one and only "Going crazy"

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Congratulations. I don't know why, but "king of fools" was hard to find for many people, including me. For "keeping track", I prefer not doing any spoiler in public. Can I send you a PM? How?

Thanks, catmic. But you may realize what itichi and me were talking about: it seems that the achievement "has" to do with a sentence Bernard says at a certain point. If the achievement is somewhere else, we haven't search enough.

But you devs are ... what's the word ...  ¿twisted? ¿devious? ¿machiavellain? :-P

Thanks, itichi

I think "Going crazy" it is bugged. In fact these achievements aren't difficult but missable, so I doubt we two (and some more) haven't found it.

By the way, finally I found my last hidden one, so 41/43 too.

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Well, I'm dumb. I reset achievement list for cheking if there was a bug or something. Why? Because I'm dumb, I told you :-P

So now I am again 40/43. I have "king of fools"; it is "fool of stupidity" really, quick traslation, my bad. I will remember where it is for the rest of my life ;-) The ones left:

- Going crazy: Does this mansion harm everybody's sanity: I think this one is bugged. I've played 1.0.3 and 1.1.0. Those of you who got it, remember with which version?

- Achievement hunter: All Achievements unlocked: of course

- 1 hidden achievements: I still have no idea

Will I get all of them some day? I'll keep trying ...

P.S.: Can older versions be downloaded?

If I am correct there are 14 achievements hidden at the start. I can tell you the 13 I have, but i prefer not saying in public because that's the fun of them.

I can't see how to send a private message in this platform. Maybe that's my last one hidden? :-P

Ok, so I have 39/43 achievements. After doing a whole walktrough I don´t know what more I can try. The 4 I have left are:

- Unlock all achievemets (obviously)

- 1 of the hidden ones

- Going mad: does this mansion harm's everybody's mind? This one I think I know where it can be, because Bernard says this sentence in a particular place, but I don't know how to trigger it.

- King of fools: Try to block your way. No idea where this is.

Instead of giving some hint or spoiler, can anyone cofirm these can be achieved?

I can confirm the triggering of the achievement with the new version. It shows "1243/1000" for me.

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Same happends to me: yesterday I got the 750 one, but today it tells me I have 245/1000, though I made a walkthrough and trying to read all dialogues.

In my case I have 36/43

Update: I notice the counter resets every time you run the game, I have 0/1000 now.