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Blue Tentacle

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I can confirm this bug. Still there.

King of fools: Try to block your way. No idea where this is.

Got this one yesterday. Any hints for the "keeping track" achievement?

last hidden achievement is to get the devs to do a kickstarter campaign for the full game :D

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Maybe you've seen this, maybe not. Very funny looking though:

If you get the mole, don't use the stairs up to get to Sam and Max. Use the chimney instead and into the attic. Go down to the first floor and Bernard will moonwalk (probably a glitch) to room 101 :D

Edit: Ok, I tried to do it again and this time he walked the right way. Maybe you have to be fast, dunno :-/

They are not incorrectly positioned, they just move out of the way. Sometimes you can even see them moving aside, when another character steps in to do a task. For example when you try to fool Ed with Hoagie or Laverne, Bernard enters the room and the others leave.

As for the basement, I agree. It is a bit annoying that he moves so much. But it's not a bug or glitch.

Have you tried to restart our pc? I had a similar problem with Win10. It made a system update in the background and when the "do you want to restart your computer" window popped up, my sound was gone. I restarted my system, did the updates and then it was fine.

Im Fenstermodus funktioniert es ;)


es scheint, als würde der Zähler bei manchen Trophäen nicht richtig funktionieren. Die Trophäen für 500 und 750 Textzeilen habe ich bekommen, allerdings stimmt der Zähler nicht. Es scheint, als würde das Spiel trotzdem nur die Anzahl aus dem aktuellen oder zuletzt gespielten Durchgang zählen. Ich habe die Screens gemacht nachdem ich wieder einmal durch war. Es standen da auch mal 13/500 etc, jenachdem wie viel ich die Charaktere reden lasse. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich die 1000 Textzeilen so bekomme, wenn der Zähler nicht funktioniert. Bei meinem letzten Durchgang hab ich fast alle Dialoge mitgenommen und kam am Ende trotzdem nichtmal auf 20. Irgendwas stimmt da nicht :-/  Vielleicht schaut ihr euch das mal an, ansonsten funktioniert das Spiel einwandfrei auf meinem Laptop mit Win 10. Da habt ihr was richtig geiles auf die Beine gestellt :)


it seems the trophy counter is bugged. I did get the trophies for 500 and 750 dialogues, yet the counter is not working correctly. Seems only the dialogues from the current or last played game are counting. I made the screenshots after my last playthrough. Another time it said 13/500 etc, depending on how much I let the characters talk. I'm not sure I will ever get the 1000 dialogues trophy if it doesn't count right. For the last playthrough I triggered almost every dialogue and the counter was under 20 in the end. Something is not working right :-/  Maybe you can take a look into it. Other than that, the game works perfectly fine with my Win 10 laptop. You did an awesome job :)

Dieser Bug ist mittlerweile behoben :)

Can you post your system here for check?

Try using the table and chairs in the attic. Maybe that helps. You can assemble the items in your inventory or in the attic (even gives you different achievements).

I think the "xxx different lines of text heard" achievements are bugged. I got the ones for 500 (bronze) and 750 (silver), although it tells me I got 110/500 and 110/750. The one for 1000 is still unlocked, also counting at 110.

I got 29 achievements so far :)

I'd like to add, that the music is too loud, compared to FX and speech. Maybe you can add a choice to set music apart from FX and speech? Like in ScummVM for example.

Had this bug too, fixing confirmed with 1.0.3.