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Return of the Tentacle

Sequel to the Point&Click-Adventure "Day of the Tentacle" · By catmic

Incredible work!

A topic by Pirateguybrush created Oct 18, 2018 Views: 193 Replies: 1
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Just finished in a little over 2 hours, and I was absolutely blown away.  The production quality of this was amazing.  You absolutely nailed the essence of DOTT to an incredible degree.  I noticed you even had shadow maps for the characters as they moved around the environments, which impressed me to see that attention to detail.  Tip of the hat to the animators, for some hilarious and extremely well produced character animation that perfectly matched the characters.  The writing was spot-on and very funny, the voice actors were extremely close to their original characters for most of them, music was exactly right, and the artwork nailed that DOTT style.

Bravo people, fantastic work.


Thank you so much! :)