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Return of the Tentacle

Sequel to the Point&Click-Adventure "Day of the Tentacle" · By catmic

Right audio channel cutting off at the end of voice lines

A topic by amedeus created Aug 02, 2018 Views: 286 Replies: 3
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Many (but not all) spoken lines keep cutting out on the right side at the end, so the last syllable only comes through in my left ear. Not sure what to do about that. Also not sure what info you need. I'm on Windows 10, and I believe I'm using a Sound Blaster Audigy FX card.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for reporting. Can you contact us via facebook?


Anybody experiencing this issue (we didn't, that's because we need your help) we have an idea what could be causing this and implemented a safety mechanism to detect such scenarios. We'd happily send you a test build for you to verify that it fixes the issue. 


This will be fixed with the next update.