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Just a super short video this week... 

Hope everyone is doing well.  I've managed to make a huge mess of one of my scripts so haven't made a lot of progress.  Saying that, I've at least managed to make an opening dialogue sequence and added the fight sequence above.

I was hoping not having to crunch but it now seems inevitable.  Just 3 days left.  Good luck all!

Cheers guys!  Hopefully I'll have something playable by the end of the jam.

I've also started on the main menu...

As well as a dialogue system and the first main scene...

I have a short story in mind but have no idea if I'll manage to complete everything in time.  It might just end up as a short combat prototype.

Hope everyone is making good progress.  Let me know your thoughts.

Here's my week 3 progress...

The combat system has had a lot of additions which you can see in the video.

  • Healing and feeding animations added
  • Blood splatter visual effects added
  • Health, Blood and Vitae sliders now change over time
  • Extra frenzied player state added
  • The battle scene now has a dynamic music loop system which tracks how close or far the player is from victory and swaps out the next music loop accordingly
  • Enemies can be drained to the point of death, much to the delight of the Beast
  • The player character will now cheer if they win
  • The zombie will now roar on their turn and if it defeats a character it will chow down
  • At the end of battle the curtain will fall
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So, here's how it's looking towards the end of week 2.  A basic, functioning turn-based combat system is in place.  I was hoping to get more done today but have been plagued by Unity crashes, around about eight crashes today in total, even after updating everything I can think of.

Anyway, it's a start and I'd love to hear what you think.

I'd like to find some theatrical piano music to go with it but haven't been able to find anything to fit.  If anyone would like to put some music together then let me know.  Happy jamming everyone!

Hey!  Thanks for all the positive feedback, it's keeping me motivated.  Today I've been working on two player characters and struggling with raycasting issues.  I will add a small video here each Friday if people are interested in my progress.  Cheers!

This is a mock-up for my possible entry.  The general idea is to make a turn-based RPG combat game, similar to Darkest Dungeon where you take control of a small coterie of vampires and try to get to safety before sunrise.  The graphics are meant to give the impression of a Victorian Shadowplay or shadow puppet theatre.

Please feel free to roast my work.  All ideas are welcome.

If anyone wants to team up then give me a shout.  I'd be especially interested if anyone wants to do some character art and make some cool looking silhouettes in FBX format.  This would give me more time to code.  I'll be trying to make this in Unity.

Chaos Canyon Landing Page

Today I put together a simple landing page using Wix.  Interested players can now sign up for a monthly newsletter.

Give it a try here:

Hey!  Have played and rated.  Not a bad space shooter, all the ships look great, and the laser sounds are nice and meaty.  I'd like to see some death explosion animations and maybe an objective to head towards, like maybe you're a smuggler trying to escape to a planet or something.  Overall, well done.

Hi all! I'm Cas, aged 44 and three quarters. I entered the last Brackeys Game Jam and made Chaos Canyon, a whitewater tubing arcade action game. Happy with the way this turned out I then entered the recent Improve Your Game Jam and crunched for a week. Ratings are now open for this jam and I'd love to hear what you think:

I've joined this jam as I'd like to slow my pace down from sprinting to more of a marathon pace as I'd like to see this game through to the end without getting burned out.

For the next week I'm going to focus on making a website for my game as I'd like to send out an email newsletter once a month for those who are interested. After that, I'd like to refactor what I've coded so far, so the process of level design is more streamlined.

I'm looking forward to finding my own pace and seeing what everyone is developing.   If anyone takes the time to play and rate my game with the link above, I'll make sure to play and rate theirs.  Happy jamming everyone!

Hey!  Have played and rated.  You've made a fun Boulder Dash style game there.  It reminded me of Icicle Works back in the days of the C16 plus 4.  I'm not sure what the time bar is supposed to do though.  Does it spawn the thing that runs at you and kills you?  I'd quite like to see a scoreboard or maybe some kind of level progression.  Well done for completing the jam!

Awesome!  Glad you enjoyed it.  If you got as far as the timed section then you weren't far from the end.  Thanks for giving it a go.

Hey!  Have played and rated your game.  It looks like it's coming along nicely, I especially like the memory puzzle style combat.  The exploration part reminded me of one of the first games I ever owned called Treasure Island on the C16 plus 4.  There is a lot of text to get through before the action starts though.  I was thinking that maybe it would be best to throw the player straight into the action then slowly add story elements over time.  Also, I'd like to have seen some more details in your DevLog about what specifically has been added to the new in this version.  Well done for completing the Jam!

I'm struggling to find people to play my game and I'd love to hear what you think of my entry.

I think the main problem was on the front end before starting the game.  The text explaining the mission seemed crammed to the left margin.  This part especially could use a larger panel or maybe a border.  It might save you some time and work if you buy a GUI pack from the asset store.  I bought this one in a Humble Bundle but it might not suit the style of your game.

Hey!  Have played and rated.  It looks like you have the basis for a fun top down shooter/combat game.  I'd like to see some more wild west enemy types.  Well done for completing the jam!

The sound and music was great, I think I go to the same website for music that you do (FreePD music).  I'd have liked to see something going on with the terrain with hills to give the player an advantage or trees and rocks to protect from arrows.  Also, the look of the UI could do with a bit of love.  Maybe upgrade somehow from the default grey boxes and indent the text from the edges a bit.

Super cool.  Have just played through your King Arthur mission and put up my rating.  I'm loving the Total War vibes.  This game has great potential and had fun playing it through.  I found myself wishing I could lock the formations somehow or maybe use control+number to make my own groups.  

Also, I couldn't figure out how to use the items like grenades etc.  I could choose them but couldn't throw them.  Well done for fleshing out your DevLog too, it looks like not many have actually bothered.

Hey!  Have just played and rated.  I think you have something really fun here and it looks like you've made great progress.  I find the mouse wheel to change weapons a bit spammy (but that's just me), not just in your game but in most FPS games too so I usually use the number keys.  Unfortunately, this seems broken at the moment.

You don't seem to have a DevLog posted for this jam.  There are no new videos on your YouTube page.  I'd have liked to see what improvements you made during the jam.

I can't find your devlog.  This link above doesn't seem to go anywhere.

Hi all!  I uploaded my game last night but have only just updated all the screenshots today.

It's a whitewater tubing game for windows with two builds, one for powerful machines (Complex water) and one for less powerful machines (Simple water).

I would love to hear what you think of my game so far, so please download, play and rate.  I will try to play and rate all the entries to this jam if I get time but will prioritise those who post their games here as well as those who play and rate mine.

Good luck everyone!

Cool.  Brackeys was my 4th jam as well, also the first time I've been genuinely happy about my jam submission.

For this jam I'll be fixing up the controls, working on the visual feedback players get from the controls and making the difficulty level less severe by adding some super easy levels.

Ok, never mind.  I've tried these weekend only game jams before and they're no good for me.  I can come up with something worthwhile in 72 hours, but 72 hours is two working weeks.  For me, the most actual time I can spend over the weekend is maybe 8 hours or 12 hours at a push.  I will look out for Score Space in the future, just in case you decide to run a week-long or longer jam.  Thanks for your reply.

I've read the rules but can't find an answer to this...

I don't think I can really make anything worthwhile in two days without me burning out and getting stressed, but I have a few broken prototypes and half-finished games which I could improve on.  Is it okay to revive one of my old games and code in scoring and a high score table to it?

To be honest, if it's just one weekend, I don't think I could do much more than just code a high score system.

Great fun, really well done.  Congrats for winning the Brackeys Jam!

Hi all!  I just completed and got my ratings for the Brackeys Game Jam.  I'm mostly happy with how my game worked out but it also had some major flaws, which I'm hoping to fix here.

If anyone has come here from the same jam, please give me a shout!

Hi all.  Not sure if anyone else has joined this:

The above game jam starts in 11 days and it would be cool to see some of you guys there.

I'm rebuilding my game almost from scratch and using the above game jam so I have a deadline to work towards.

Hopefully see you there!

Thank you to everyone who tried my game jam entry! I'm sorry not everyone could run it at a playable frame rate but I only had time to test it on my main machine before putting it up. For those who are interested, I have been rebuilding the game from the ground up and have already found a much more performant method to create the water.

To give you an idea whether you could run this game jam version, these are the specs of my machine:

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor 3.70 GHz

32.0 GB RAM


If anyone still wants to try it, please bear this in mind. 🙂

It is not a game for the faint of heart as I've made the usual mistake of making it WAY too difficult, but it can be done. Here's proof!

You'll have an easier time if you tap two keys at a time.


Getting through the time gates has a higher priority on the (so called) easy level as you will travel that much slower. They will turn red and give you a time bonus when you go through them successfully.

Make sure you dodge the big damage from the spiky trees and barbed wire log.

You will also take minor damage from anything you knock into, even the buoys.


Getting the time gates is not as important now as you'll be travelling faster.

Focus more on dodging obstacles, even rocks, planks and logs as everything does more damage now.


You probably don't need to worry so much about time gates as you'll be travelling pretty fast now.

Just avoid as much damage as you can, especially the spiky objects as the damage here is really ramped up.

I would love to hear back from anyone who manages to get a handle on the controls and can conquer the Hard level.

Also, thanks to Igor for your video and sticking with the game long enough to get past one run. I now have a big to-do list based on your feedback and will be taking part in the "Improve your Game" Jam in a few weeks.

Do you mean the character in the ring slowed down, or the performance of the game?  Currently, the procedurally generated water mesh has waves which update each frame, and the floating ring is physically effected by these waves.  This means, if a wave is behind you, it will carry you forwards and when your moving into a wave in front you will slow down.  Reworking the water functionality is near the top of my list of things to fix, so it will be simpler in future builds.

Ok, that's a shame.  Thanks for trying it out anyway.  I think the problem is with my overly complicated water creation method.  The water mesh is procedurally generated and has waves updating each frame, but I think much of this system is complete overkill.  By my count, around 1 in 4 people are having the same performance problems, so one of my top priorities is to make the water generation less heavy going.

Hey!  Have played and rated.  Nice arcade action with a panda.  One of the best I've played so far.

Nice!  Have played and rated.  Flappy bird meets Frogger.  :-)

Great!  Have played and rated.  Nice arcade action.

Hi!  I've seen footage of one person playing my game, and it was really useful for me to see.  I took a ton of notes and will use it when I start developing it further, and it was a great experience to watch someone gradually getting better at it.

My game is super hard as the controls are difficult to master, and the difficulty of my "Easy" level should really be relabelled as either "Medium" or even "Hard".  In future builds the learning curve will be way less steep, and I will add a tutorial style level for level 1.  I hope you're up for the challenge!

Submission Page:

Go for a crazy whitewater ride down Chaos Canyon.  The controls are local to Bob direction.

Tap Q and E to make Bob paddle backwards.

Tap A and D to make Bob paddle forwards.

Tap Q and D to make Bob steer clockwise.

Tap A and E to make Bob steer anti-clockwise.

If you are struggling, then please see this quick tutorial for a demonstration of the controls:

The game was built in Unity.

Looking forward to watching your video!