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Hi all!  I hope everyone has recovered from the inevitable lack of sleep.  I finally got around to writing up the progress I made during this Jam.  Here’s the link to the DevLog for those who are interested:

It's 4.30am in the UK and I'm about to drop.  Goodnight and good luck.

Hey.  Thanks for playing.

I've set the difficulty quite high so players need to practice a bit before they can complete all the objectives but I may dial back the difficulty for the next build as a few people have told me it's a bit too hard.

I fixed this today so it feels less like trying to stop on roller-skates.  I put the gravity up to 75 in the end so if your character is running you still take half a step to slow down.  It feels a lot better.

Hey.  Thanks for trying it out and yes, Synty Studio's stuff is awesome.  I've bought a ton of it.

Will have a look at the movement issue but I'm just using the standard FP rigidbody controlller with Unity.


Hi all!  Hope everyone is making good progress.  I have now completed everything on my "essentials" list and have updated my submission to include the second build, another video and a stack of new screenshots.

I'm going to take a short break to organise my next to-do list then will carry on.  There are many things I'd like to improve and I'd love to hear what you think so far.  Cheers!

Hi.  Glad you liked it.  I've added a few more instructions here which might help.  Right-clicking will allow you to aim down the sights then right-clicking again goes back to "shooting from the hip" mode.

The F key will turn your flashlight on and off but the batteries don't last forever.  There are batteries around the level which add power to your flashlight.

Thanks for trying it out!

Hi!  Thanks for testing out my game, it was really good to see a video of someone playing.

The theme is "Cutting Corners".

This is only my second Game Jam.  Below is the base project I'm hoping to finish.

Let me know what you think so far.

Have just put my latest updates to my pinball game...

Would love to hear what you think.  Thanks all!

Hi all.  Thanks for testing out my game.  I've now made some improvements so I hope you like them.  Cheers.

OK, got it.  I didn't see the public toggle at the bottom of the page.  Thanks.

Also, here is there source...

I thought I'd added my game on Saturday but I can't see it there.  Here is a link...

Any chance you could add it manually for me?  Thank you!

I've just added my pinball table for people to play and enjoy.  It's on my profile page somewhere.  This is the first time I've uploaded anything here so I hope you can find it ok.

Download the zip, extract then run Pinball Prototype.  Keys are Enter to start, Hold Down Arrow to Launch and Left and Right Shift for paddles.

I would have liked to do more, such as get the "T I M E" lights and bonus multiplier ready but I'm out of time as I'm busy tomorrow.  I'll look at sorting out the source files a bit later.

Have Fun!

OK, I'm into Discord.  Had to install the app instead of going through my browser.  Will have a better look tomorrow.  Thanks.

I would if I could but unfortunately I’ve been unable to get into Discord.  This invite keeps coming up as invalid and each time I try to log in I get the verification by phone message follow by… something went wrong.

I’ve also messaged Discord but they’ve only sent me automated replies with no help.

As for my code, I think I just need to separate and organise my scripts better then experiment with lists.   I'll have another go tomorrow.

(1 edit)

So they all start out in the off state then light up as the ball rolls over the switches below them.  I have two scripts, one called Rollover.

This is attached to one of the four triggers and animates the switch, lights or dims the light above it, sets a lightOn boolean and passes this information to another script called TimeLightsFeature...


using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class RollOver : MonoBehaviour
    [SerializeField] public Animator rolloverAnimator;
    public Material[] lightMaterials;
    public Renderer lightRenderer;
    public bool lightOn = false;
    public int thisLightNumber;

    private TimeLightsFeature timeLightsFeature;

    void Awake() 
        timeLightsFeature = GameObject.FindObjectOfType<TimeLightsFeature>();

    void Start()
        lightRenderer.enabled = true;
        if (lightOn == false)
            lightRenderer.sharedMaterial = lightMaterials[0];

    private void OnTriggerEnter(Collider other)

        if (lightOn == false)
            lightRenderer.sharedMaterial = lightMaterials[1];
            lightOn = true;
            timeLightsFeature.UpdateLightArray(thisLightNumber, true);
        else if (lightOn == true)
            lightRenderer.sharedMaterial = lightMaterials[0];
            lightOn = false;
            timeLightsFeature.UpdateLightArray(thisLightNumber, false);


    private void OnTriggerExit(Collider other)
        rolloverAnimator.SetBool("RolloverDown", false);


 TimeLightsFeature currently only has this in it...


using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class TimeLightsFeature : MonoBehaviour
    bool allTrue = false;
    [SerializeField] bool[] isTimeLightLit;
    public void UpdateLightArray(int lightNumber, bool isLit)
        isTimeLightLit[lightNumber] = isLit;


I'm not sure the best way to structure this or even if I should be using lists instead of arrays to get the booleans to shift left and right.

Any help would be appreciated.  

For hours now I have been running in circles with the code for my lights and would appreciate some help.

Basically I have four "T I M E" lights at the top of my playfield.  When all of them are lit, a bonus multiplier goes up.

What I need is a way to get the lights which are lit or dimmed to shift left or right when the flippers are pressed.

Nice, funky little platform game.  Looking good.

I just had a quick play.  This is a really inventive game and goes well with the theme.  Super hard though!  I’m lucky to get three kills.

So here's my mid-way video.  All the important elements are in such as scoring, ball counter, flippers and bumpers.  The "Back in Time" feature triggers the first time the ball goes down the drain and the light between the flippers shows when the feature is active.  This light flashes as the ball goes back in time.

It's all a bit glitchy (here the ball counter triggers twice at one point) but I'm generally happy with my progress.

Tomorrow I'll be re-modelling the whole table again.

I'm having trouble getting into the discord server.  It looks like my invite is invalid.

I couldn't find an email address to ask for help so thought I'd try here.  Any chance you could send me another invite?

I was really looking forward to this and have been crunching the last few days to get something solid to show.


Here's a shot of the pinball table so far and above, a new intro logo I made for the back box.
Everything is working well but it's been pretty tricky to get the ball to travel around the ramps so will probably focus next on some more artwork for the ramp entries.

Very cool.  :-)

Looking good guys.

Sounds like fun.  Would be cool to see some screenshots when you're ready to show something.

I've been modeling the last few days but tomorrow I'll put my new assets into Unity and try and post some screenshots of my own.

I spent most of today making this test of a scrolling dot-matrix logo to go on the back box on my pinball table.  Quite happy how it turned out.

I also have a working prototype of the playfield.  Tomorrow will be an art day, so much modeling of paddles, bumpers and slingshots.

Hi all!  

I hope everyone is happy, healthy and productive.  I am curious to see what kind of games people are making.  This is my first game jam and I’ve decided to make a time-travelling themed pinball table with some time based features such as rewind and slow-motion.  

Last year I decided to back the Tilt-Five: Tabletop Kickstarter and I’m hoping to make a game compatible with that in Unity.  

Shout out to all the other solo developers out there.  Good luck!