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hahaha!! :D

haha! Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for playing! :)

haha your comment makes me very happy! Thanks for playing it!

Nice! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks :D

Cool! Thanks for checking it out!

One of my favs! The use of the light was surprising! I loved that.

There is at least one section where I have to jump and the camera starts to move in the middle of my jumps.. I believe I would've liked more if every screen where I have to do some platforming would have the camera fixed and only add camera transitions on the "extremes" where there is nothing challenging to do.

Also I'm pretty sure something weird happened with the camera near the end (or at least, i'm assuming it was near the end haha). Everything went black, but I could still see some weird shapes like if the light was trying to renderer but the z position of the camera was messed up? I don't know, but I had to stop playing there.

Anyway, loved it! Great work!

Cool puzzles! Great job! I would like to get more feedback for each action I do (melting stuff in this case) and also a way to connect very fast which button affects which thing. I always enjoy puzzles that can be "solved in your head" first. Besides that I really enjoyed this one! :D

I had some trouble understanding what I had to do at first, but once I realized I had fun! Great work!

Thanks a lot for playing it! I'm glad you got the hang of it! But yeah, I probably should've invested more time improving the tutorial haha. Thanks! :)

haha thanks a lot! I'm really happy you liked it! :D

:D thanks for playing it! 

I think so! A version of that could be cool. I believe the goal of an approach such as this one is to avoid making an AI that competes at the same level as you. In this case the AI is simpler and focused on preventing you reach your specific goal.

Thanks for playing it! I'm glad you liked it :D

Yeah! I think the main two elements that I would love to have a version of in your game is the "main objective" to reach certain "special resource" and have to extract it completely in order to progress or win.. which is going to take you time and resources. And while you are doing so, prepare defenses in a way you can survive multiple waves of enemy attacks. These should be harder every time, in order to  make you optimize and recover the "special resource" as fast as you can. 

So basically a main objective and time pressure!

I believe you should check rymdkapsel (maybe you already played it!).. there are some tower defense concepts there that i believe could work very good here (or a version of that).. specially to avoid making a very complex AI haha

Cool one! The gameplay is simple so I was able to understand it right away. I like the concept of trying to find your path and your goal is the only thing that gives you any clue of where you are and where you have to go. Nice job!

Nice one! I got a little stucked a coupe of times and my solution was to jump and move like a maniac until the situation was solved haha There is a cool metaphor in this one when you think that the goal is to make one of them reach the flag, no matter how many of the others perish. My game deals with a similar concept in a more "cute" way haha but still.


Cool presentation for sure! I was respawned a couple of times without apparent reason, but besides that, very solid game. Is cool to have a powerful attack that also makes you vulnerable in a way. Nice work!

Thanks for playing it! Yeah, I got very tired at the end so I didn't get to polish the difficulty curve very much D:

Omg haha! Cool game! The lesson is that surgeons should not consume weird stuff before procedures I guess!

I loved the used of the theme, sometimes is difficult for me to think about a theme in a different way than "a game mechanic" or something like that.. So these kind of games are very interesting in that way, using the meaning of the words instead. Sounds silly I guess, but it's refreshing to me! Great work!

Cool! It was hard to notice the doors opening after pressing the buttons.. but once I realized that I had fun. Very nice work!

Nice one! Very effective use of the theme! Great work :D

Great game! Loved the artsyle, although the gameplay was very tough for me.. can't wrap my head around controlling two different things at the same time haha 

Very cool! Loved the artstyle! Bold mode to make an rts for a game jam!
Great job actually achieving it !! :D

Great idea! At first it felt less impressive that I was expecting.. but a couple of levels after that it became a very complex and fun experience! Awesome game :D

I really loved this one! Great job!

Cool game! Can't get past wave 4!! D: 

Thanks a lot for checking it out! Yeah, lots of things to improve! Glad you like it though :D

Oh, well.. just in case you want to give it another try in the future, the objective is to reach the window so the little charater (the one that's different from the others) can watch the stars through the window!

oh bummer. Sorry about that! I thought the first level was enough to explain but it certainly wasn't. Thanks a lot for giving it a try!

hehe thanks for playing!


haha! That's super fun! Thanks a lot for playing it and for the video!

This is pretty cool! I love the aesthetic! 

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it!

Awesome! Thank you so much!

We did something about this idea!

You can't kill your enemies, but you can reduce their mobility by distorting their body........... ok, yes, creepy and still very violent, but we tried...