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"have it your way then" after the "are you sure" / "yes" exchange is powerful yo. it's intense. there's a lotta good lines in this one. it's also gorgeous and unrelentingly peppy, stylistically, even when the events being depicted are objectively horrifying.

I don't feel like I have a strong sense of what the strategies are, and it's not the most navigable, imo. the editing of the text for formatting and mechanics also seems incomplete. still, a strong entry, and I'm glad it was published.

Sappho's like for you has increased!
The (if:) changer should be stored in a variable or attached to a hook.►
Really? You wouldn't mind helping?
There's nothing before this to do (else:) with.►
Really? You wouldn't get in my way? Try to steal her from me? of course not
I don't think this is what was supposed to appear here?

What browser did you test this in?

Five stars in all categories. This game is a treasure.

Game wouldn't load; it had the wobbly "doodle brawl" logo at the top and then "loading: 100%" for minutes on end. (Firefox)

Fun: it was definitely fun but a little frustrating to play (had to reload the page to start over when I fell off the path)

Visuals: the monochromatic deep blue of the path made it hard to see what was sloped in which ways, and the victory message was very basic. Also, the bright colors are not really my aesthetic. That said, the use of striking primary colors, foreshadowed by the cover image of the game, was done consistently and competently. Also the cube looked tasty.

Audio: where's the "null, my audio was off" option? (I gave it three stars, but really, there should be a decline to state option. Though that's not on the creator of this game.)

Mood: idk if I can really describe it but this game definitely made me feel something

Idea: I've never seen anything like the physics here, so you get full marks for that.

Having gotten one ending, I find that it's difficult to get back to the beginning; maybe a link from each ending page to the first screen?

Also, the page for the game demonstrates you have an eye for color, which makes it vaguely jarring to see the default colors for twine.

(The blurb and comments section are a little low-contrast, imo, but the entire cover image is gorgeous and easy to read.)

Firefox 72.0.2 (64-bit) for Mac

Private Browsing (all add-ons disabled)

received javascript message reading:

Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.
Error: no valid storage adapters found.
Stack Trace:

I tried Safari and it worked and it's so fun wow?? I'm maybe a little stuck on tame 7 tho

Ah, yeah, no; there's no strategy to it. You probably saw everything there was to see.

There's a walkthrough available in the game -- it's part of the negotiation page. Where did you get stuck? Which tag(s) were you in?

(There isn't actually an ending, but having seen all 85 entries could be considered a win condition of sorts.)

Nope, I just don't see any of the levels except "Credits"

Yeah, that's the same result I'm getting. Firefox Private Browsing.

it's a cross-platform game -- how does it work? like is it java or what

I made a game about an abusive partner trying to convince their victim to stay in the relationship, and about what it feels like to love and be loved under abuse.

"Gameplay" is minimal; it has some things in common with a pure exploration game or a choose your own adventure story. I'm not sure how to describe the genre more precisely.

It's designed to be navigated by mouse or touchscreen, but really the only input needed is scrolling and following links, so if you're reading this, you can probably access it.

The title is "This Is Love" and you can play it free in browser here.

I don't see that button. Can you show me a screencap of what you see when you start the game? My email is, or if you know how to do image embeds here you can do that.

I notice also on your creator page, the link to your paypal is a duplicate of the link to your amazon wishlist.

"An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was: SecurityError: The operation is insecure." Got this while trying to start the game.

I can't figure out how to play. What's the first button to click/key to press to get into the game?

find and confront the aliens? collect a sample of moon dust from each of the terrain types on the moon? find the spaceship that will take you home, which you lost at the beginning of the game? survive until another spaceship can come pick you up from earth?

it depends on the genre, but there's plenty you can do to give your audience a satisfying ending

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(email removed) -- reply to this and I'll remove my email so other people don't get it

I don't really know how to contact people on this site, is there a private message thing or something?

I'm making a horror game and I've drafted the entirety of the game itself. However, I'm still working on warnings and other supplemental content -- trying to balance spoilers and making sure people know what they're getting into. It's tricky but I'll manage.

If anybody here wants to be messed up by a tiny text based horror game, less than half a meg, I'm looking for playtesters -- I've been working on it for so long that I've stopped really seeing it.

I'm not really sure, it just makes me uncomfortable to see.

I go to to access my projects, and it shows me analytics for them, including view and download counts. I'm asking for a way to not see that.

I'd like the view/download statistics to be an optional/toggleable thing.

Cute little game, fun to play through -- no download and takes 5 minutes to play. I like the tile based navigation and the way the rooms are set up.

Thank you!

"Anyone who creates a community is a community moderator, and they may elect additional moderators."

I feel like "elect" should probably be "select"?

mental-heath should be mental-health