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Fun: it was definitely fun but a little frustrating to play (had to reload the page to start over when I fell off the path)

Visuals: the monochromatic deep blue of the path made it hard to see what was sloped in which ways, and the victory message was very basic. Also, the bright colors are not really my aesthetic. That said, the use of striking primary colors, foreshadowed by the cover image of the game, was done consistently and competently. Also the cube looked tasty.

Audio: where's the "null, my audio was off" option? (I gave it three stars, but really, there should be a decline to state option. Though that's not on the creator of this game.)

Mood: idk if I can really describe it but this game definitely made me feel something

Idea: I've never seen anything like the physics here, so you get full marks for that.