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maybe i am dumb, but can you use rail and minecart vertically?

Hey, can you fix the bug thats crashing everyone on windows10 64bit?

when starting, it reports that it failed on "spawn EACCES".

here is the important bit from the crash log

[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:34.933] [launch/native] executing 'E:\Games\ games\FFX Runner HD\ffxRunnerHD.exe' on 'windows' with args ''
[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:34.933] [launch/native] no app isolation
[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:34.933] [launch/native] spawn command: "E:\Games\ games\FFX Runner HD\ffxRunnerHD.exe"
[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:34.934] [launch/native] working directory: E:\Games\ games\FFX Runner HD
[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:34.935] [launch/native] command: E:\Games\ games\FFX Runner HD\ffxRunnerHD.exe
[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:34.935] [launch/native] args: []
[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:34.935] [launch/native] env keys: [
[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:35.577] [launch] error while launching 6018c5d5-c7eb-40b8-8609-cc618cf2c4df: spawn EACCES
[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:35.580] [launch] crashed with spawn EACCES
[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:35.581] [launch] spawn EACCES
[2018-03-25 @ 14:58:35.581] [diego] diego here, looking around
Caption                    OSArchitecture  Version     
Microsoft Windows 10 Home  64-bit          10.0.16299  

Caption                               MaxClockSpeed  Name                                     
Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7  3001           Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz  


diego out

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really good game!

1 bugs:

2:going into your mech upgrade screen and hitting the speed upgrade will write over the previous text

spelling errors

during the tutorial Defenses are spelt wrong (two f's)

wait im confused. is it Pokio or Pokyo? the term seems to be used interchangably.

Pokio Housholds typo: figth instead of fight

When selecting episode 2/3, coming was spelt with two m's.

EDIT: for some reason now my allies arent helping. (a restart fixed that)

and my upgrades, gold and tech wasnt saved.


airstrike should be slightly stronger.

maybe the tanks spawn automatically from the wall and push forward? If you do do that, maybe make more tanks than right now, as the tanks die really quickly.

maybe add an option to shrink down a board into one block? that would make it easier to make gates.

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i found a fix! right click the EXE, hit compatability, set to Windows 98/Me, and i set on admin settings.

EDIT: It plays, but the controls dont work and the entire game is white.

Thanks for the reply!

Forager (Demo) community · Created a new topic hotfix?

i know you are a;ready overhauling the inverntory system but is it possible to release a alpha 5 hotfix to show the entire toolbar? i really want to play but the toolbar bug has made me rage more than once.

why am i asking? because unless the next update is near, and i dont really think so (30 day difference between alpha 4-5, and 15 days ago alpha 5 was released) this bug will haunt us :C


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Its great!

I was expecting alot less from this but this just ate my time.

(can you make a temporary hotfix showing all of the toolbar at all times? Thank you. i want to play more but this is extremely irritating)

i dont know if this has been noticed, but an object an spawn on another object. Destroying one of them will make the tile walkable despite another object occupying the place.

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This has been adressed by the devs in the Bug thread.

dont worry, the devs are on it from what ive seen

It is a bug that is addressed. The devs are workinng on it.

I also have the same problem, and so does everyone.

He uses Game Maker Studio 2.

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(also is it possible to make a separator[eg mov coal to left move everything else down]  cuz that would make omnidrills alot better)

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Really fun! however i feel like you cant keep up with the waves eventually. One wave ends and another begins in >30  - 15 sec

nvm i was just dumb xD

Keep up the good work!

(also how 2 fullscreen)

PS: can you make a bridge tile, where you can put items say through the top face and end up on the bottom, while simultaniously moving items from the right to the left? that would make my day.

(also maybe a door)

It looks like you found that secret flora mensioned in the 6.2 changes release.

Perferct. not complete, but great for begginers.

on steam


here is a video showing it:

the bucket is still there, and it is empty.

(also how do you use the hoe)

Autonauts community · Created a new topic bucket bug?

i got the bucket and tried to fill it with water.

i never used the bucket before or anything, so i left clicked on all types of water (deep water, deep sea water, sea water, water)

and every time i did the animation, nothing new in my inventory, and i couldnt move. this is really odd. help?

i dont think so. i was never able to take it until i restarted the game, then it became easy.

i tried clicking everywhere. its a minor bug tho.

its a really game rbeaking bug and im suprised there is no hotfix, however some guy showed me this website  that has a download to a java file. run it and it get rid of all your ores in your game if it gets out of control.

and no, its not a virus. i tried it and Virus Total says its not either.

very minor bug, but upon placing a shovel (only tested wooden shovel) on a cereal crop, you cannot pick it back up untill a save and return is done.

also dev i'd probably make a thread so that it is easier to find bugs.

left click on them.

i had same problem, but i figured it by accident.

you can use wine

oh god thank you.

rip 3500 ores

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i cant really play because it overloads my GPU, and i will ahve to start a new game. therefore, game breaking.

EDIT: oh, it is already in known bugs.

i just can no longer play.

2nd EDIT:

okay some guy in the comments gave me a java file which got rid of my 3500 ores. still should be fixed

how can you make your bots only cut big trees? it started cutting all the baby ones and i had to stop it.

also i have too much dung i think my dung pile is rivaling the burj kalifa

i really like the mining idea, but i quickly realized that hauling a ore one by one was really slow, so instead i got the horse, loaded it with the buckets/ crates, and went to the mine. i used the bucket/crate to go inside, but if you put ores in the bucket/crate and pick it up, the ores fly out of the bucket/crate and it made mining a really big hassle. please fix

How to get more ammo?


How do you get ammo? what is the use of money?