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Now i need to Redo my Tree Farm! x'D

A topic by Cabal-2140 created Aug 08, 2017 Views: 504 Replies: 8
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I spot a Apple Tree, felled it, plant that apples and now we a rolling out a new apple plantage and stop the Pinewood harvest for a while. x'D

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Apple Tree? WHAT?!?!  Lets see this so called apple. 

Yes, that and a little GUI Bug.

Will we have applesauce? 

At this point i tried to feed the directly and they rejecting these, and also cows don't care . i wonder what the they bring into the game. Apple Pie?

Apple Bread?

It looks like you found that secret flora mensioned in the 6.2 changes release.

Found sounds nice. That Tree nearly screamed out for my Eyes after the Update. ^^ And that Map was created on v5.


I looked into the Change Log, read that Cow part and laugh so damn hard and try it instantly... Got now a Top Hat Cow!!! x'D