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ore dupe bug made me have to restart game.

A topic by BORKNET created Jul 10, 2017 Views: 289 Replies: 3
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(2 edits)

i cant really play because it overloads my GPU, and i will ahve to start a new game. therefore, game breaking.

EDIT: oh, it is already in known bugs.

i just can no longer play.

2nd EDIT:

okay some guy in the comments gave me a java file which got rid of my 3500 ores. still should be fixed


hey i had the same issue and a user called bobmanguy334 linked me to this - - you just have to run it with java and that should get rid of the ore.. i haven't had chance to try it yet but i probably will tonight.

if you give it ago these we the instructions i got - Right click it, select "Open With..." and select Java(TM) Platform SE Binary

good luck

oh god thank you.

rip 3500 ores

np dude happy to help