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Really fun! however i feel like you cant keep up with the waves eventually. One wave ends and another begins in >30  - 15 sec

nvm i was just dumb xD

Keep up the good work!

(also how 2 fullscreen)

PS: can you make a bridge tile, where you can put items say through the top face and end up on the bottom, while simultaniously moving items from the right to the left? that would make my day.

(also maybe a door)

There should be a fullscreen button in the bottom right corner of the screen (on web, anyway). As for the bridge tile, a junction block should do what you've asked; it should it be in the third block tab. I'll see if I can implement something similar to a door.

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(also is it possible to make a separator[eg mov coal to left move everything else down]  cuz that would make omnidrills alot better)

Yep, I'm planning on adding a sorter/separator block in 3.0.