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I believe these are the ones I used:

- Track 1

- Track 2

- Track 3

- Track 4

I switched music due to these being put under a non-commercial license, which didn't work for the iOS version as it was paid.

The link is valid when I click it on an account-less browser window; what message does it display for you? 

I do not see anyone with a name similar to yours on the ban list. It seems unlikely that you were banned without being aware of the reason.

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wow, it's almost as if this version is an incomplete alpha and none of the help text, content or UI is complete yet

it would sure be nice if the game told you that 4.0 is not representative of the final product-- perhaps it could even display a dialog at startup stating this fact in red highlighted text

oh well, guess this version is fundamentally broken because I can't find the shoot button or see the giant flashing "CORE IS UNDER ATTACK" text on the top of my screen

(seriously, if you don't like 4.0, play 3.5 until it's done, or at least read the info text that is displayed at startup instead of restating issues that I have already pointed out)

Every build of 4.0 has been available for Android as an APK file download here on

If you're asking about the Google Play store, it'll be released to production once it's no longer in alpha/beta.

This is not a bug; all resources are capped at 2k capacity. If you want to store more resources near your core, use vaults.

thank you for your feedback, bongo support is coming in the near future

1) Looks like this  only occurs on the web version (due to an oversight), and I've fixed it for the next release. The crash is caused by status effects being applied to units (stepping in puddles or being set on fire would also instantly freeze). Some of the changes in the next build are pretty major, so it might take a while to release. 

2) You can stop building by middle-clicking-- however, I haven't tested on Firefox, so it might not be handling input events correctly there.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you!

This is an issue with graphics drivers or your graphics card. Could be caused by a buggy Java version too.

I haven't changed anything related to graphics much on the new versions, so the cause is most likely something wrong with your laptop.

It's A Discord link is also on the main ( game page and Github, for future reference.

I'm not using an engine, but libGDX is the core game framework.

This error means that your graphics card doesn't support OpenGL 2.0. Try updating your graphics drivers. If that still doesn't work, you must have an outdated graphics card, and there's nothing I can do to help, sorry.

Sorry, the game requires making an account to view your world-- If you'd like to show me something, a screenshot would be great!

Thank you for your suggestions! 

First of all, I'd like to mention that the "last updated" metric isn't accurate, since I've moved all the change logs in-game. The last update was actually ~1 month ago.

As posted above, many of the things you've suggested are already planned/done for 4.0. The exception is many of your UI-related suggestions-- I'll be adding some of these to the Trello soon. (By the way, you *can* disable power lasers in graphics settings.)

And, no, random spawnpoints will not be optional. I've seen that many people just set up a giant shielded ring around spawnpoints and camp every wave-- this is something I would like to avoid.

To clear things up a bit: spawnpoints won't be *completely* random: they won't change every wave, and only move major distances if player turrets or other defenses are placed near them. 

I'm confused about the 3-colors constraint. Does this mean that...

1) The game can only use 3 colors total, throughout the whole game? or...

2) The game can only have 3 colors present at one time on the screen? For example, every level only has 3 colors, but every level has a different 3-color set? or...

3) The game can only use 3 different shades of color, like red, purple, and orange?

I don't know; I currently don't have a jailbroken device.

You can't use it unless you go through the trouble of getting a Mac and setting up a development environment for deploying on iOS, which is a very lengthy process. Running the app on a device for more than a few days requires paying $100/year for an Apple developer license.

Could you provide details on what wasn't working properly? Were you not able to discover a game with one person hosting on the network?

I would need your Google email to add you to the translation system.

Oh yeah, I remember you from the Discord! Unfortunately I've stopped working on Project Home for the last few months as this project has been draining all my time, but perhaps I'll be able to return to it sometime soon.

I'm planning to put this on Steam after 4.0, that is, when multiplayer is finished.

I've implemented saving now, but it's buggy. If I can fix the issues in time for 3.3, it should be available by then.

I've gotten the mac version functional, and it should be available in 3.3. A minimap is planned for a future release as well.

There is saving on desktop and mobile, but the HTML5 version doesn't support it.

Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac, and the application is packaged by an external tool. I'm not particularly knowledgeable about Mac systems either, so there's not much I can do, sorry.

Currently, the text in the game is hard-coded in and is in the process of being converted to translatable text files. So, translation isn't supported yet, but will be soon. Thanks for the offer, though! If you want, I can contact you once this is done.

I will be looking into making a 32-bit version soon.

Well, that explains all the views-- thanks for posting about this!

Many of these are already planned or in the works! I've started working on the map editor a few days ago, and the drag-place tool has just been implemented as well. Thanks for the feedback!

Which map are you playing on? Different maps have different difficulties, and sometimes (as you say) it's possible to warp through the tiers very quickly. Other maps are much more difficult: today, testing in caves, I was having trouble setting up reliable steel production, even by wave 8, as the enemies were harassing my production. A few updates ago, when I was playtesting in fortress, I was producing dirium by that time.

It also depends on how the ores generate around your base. Sometimes you get lucky, other times you don't. Still, you're right: very often, it takes too much little time to progress, and some of the turrets are quite useless. I will look into this when I can.

As for deletion, I agree, and that has been fixed in the 3.1 update.

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I did some investigating, and the problem was that pumps were not transferring the liquid fast enough. So, they were indeed generating 45 oil/sec, but not offloading it to the pipes. This should be fixed in the upcoming release.

This is true. I'll need to write a better description for them, and possibly show some usage in the tutorial.

Thank you; I'll notify you when the in-game text has been set up to work with translations.

Yes. Saving isn't supported on web for technical reasons.

In most cases, no, but I can't guarantee that there won't be something on Github that won't mess up your save. There shouldn't be a problem if you save to a different slot every few times you pull. In the unlikely event that a release the changes the version format, it won't erase your save files, just stop displaying them in the load dialog; you can fetch an earlier commit to get the save files showing again.

I can't say what caused it without seeing a crash report in a terminal. What I can say, though, is that the firing up was probably unrelated to the crash; grass blocks aren't supposed to interact with fire at all. I've never had any crashes like this been reported before, and I could not reproduce the bug myself. Sorry, but there's not much I can do.

Wave scaling needs a bit of work right now; some of them seem to be too hard, especially on specific linear maps like Grasslands. I'm re-balancing the enemy amounts right now.

The music was made by RoccoW: There should be download links for the songs used in the game if you scroll down long enough; I forget th. Although, it is worth noting, the music wasn't made specifically for Mindustry; I just found it by looking around for copyright-free chiptune music on FreeMusicArchive.

I forgot about that; it should be there now.

It should be R for 2.0, or the scrollwheel for the new 3.0 beta.