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It's a binary executable file; those don't have extensions. It's not packaged as a .app or .dmg, so you'll have to run it through the terminal by executing ./infernae-mac64

If you don't know how to do that, you should play the web version instead. MacOS support for the demo is barely tested.


The game runs through WINE without issues for me on Linux. Native Linux support is possible, but requires setting up containers for builds due to glibc issues.

No, Mindustry has far too much code and far too many Java plugins/mods/forks for porting over to a new platform to be viable.

Thank you. I am gradually moving over from Java to a custom framework in the Nim programming language - you can see what the source code looks like here. My last couple of games have been using this framework.


Yeah, that's fine.

This doesn't seem to work for me. I see random flashes of maroon and some sound effects, but when I click, I get a Cannot read property 'length' of undefined error in the console. Using Chromium 81, Ubuntu 19.10.

This should be fixed now.

It's possible, but that would involve setting up a build server with all the correct libraries and source to build for pi, as well as buying a pi to test on. That's a lot of work.

In the latest version? It just doesn't.

That last issue is a bug that should have been fixed in the latest patches (95.4). See if it fixes the issue.

I can't reproduce this issue on Android.

Quitting a campaign map automatically saves it. I'll be adding additional text to the quit menu to make this obvious.

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If you import a save from the saves folder in appdata and save it in editor, then go to custom game and play said map it wont save when you quit, This happens for all maps imported in this way.

First of all, why would you do this? The saves folder is intentionally not located in a convenient location to prevent people from messing with the files directly. If you want to import a save as a map (for whatever reason), export it through the save menu first. 

Second of all, it does not happen for all saves imported that way; what you've done is imported the campaign save file and tried to play it like a normal game. There's a very good reason for that file not being visible or exportable in the actual game; you can't just go in and import arbitrary hidden game files and expect it to functional normally. Any campaign save is hidden by default, and by extracting it from the game files you've made a map that can never be (visibly) saved on. (note that custom maps can no longer be campaign maps, so this no longer happens, but that was changed for completely unrelated reasons.)

> As for the mirror mechanics, i'm not talking about that stupid ore generation feature, i'm talking about a mirror than will mirror any tiles you place on one side of the map on the other side of the map, but I think you already knew I was talking about this.

Of course I knew this, which is why I pointed it out. Have you actually tried using this so-called stupid feature? Apparently not, because 'mirroring any tiles you place on one side of the map on the other side of the map' is precisely what it does (although it does ignore buildings, as those need more configuration and setup).

> I tried making a copy of glacier, then adding in an enemy spawn, editing enemy waves checking all the boxes you need in the menu, but when you run it, you'll get wave timers and the audio cue when a wave starts, but no enemies spawn.

Interestingly, this goes back to the mirror tool. Where did you place these spawns?  If it was anywhere on the top half of the map, then the mirror settings for that map would have automatically mirrored the bottom half of the map onto the top, thus removing any spawns at the top. In my tests, the spawns functioned correctly if placed near the bottom half of the map.

If you had imported absolutely any map besides the two PvP ones, or looked at the settings properly, the spawns would have worked fine. Not obvious, perhaps, but I really didn't expect someone to attempt using a PvP-only map for survival without checking its generation options. This explains why nobody else has reported this "bug".

And this is what you call "5 different cancers, hemorrhagic fever and the bubonic plague"? While I do appreciate real bug reports, all you've done is throw around some wild claims like "Everything about the map editor needs to be fixed" and given me extremely vague reports that I've had to extract details about bit by bit.

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I have not had any of those issues, and you're the first person to report them among thousands of people. (excluding copy-paste here, which is just another feature request).

 > if you try to import a map from a save file, say to edit a campaign map, the map will not save when playing it

Why would an editor map save when you are playing it, and how are you importing campaign maps/saves when there's no way to import or edit those without accessing internal game files? Are you expecting the editing of a map to affect the save it came from? Are you trying to hit 'save' after importing the (nameless) save and expecting it to work without specifying a map name? I just tried doing this and didn't run into a single issue.

> if you try to make a copy of a prebuilt map and add waves and an enemy spawn it won’t work

What does "won't work" mean? Does it crash? Does nothing happen? Does the map not save? Do the waves not appear? Do the spawnpoints not appear? Does it spawn the wrong waves? What are you trying to do? 

> mirror mechanics

Menu>Generate>Mirror>Apply. Look around the menus before reporting a feature as missing or broken.

That's the equivalent of going to the doctor and just saying "cure me". How do you expect anyone to understand what needs to be fixed?

Nope, you can't have it set to a custom resolution, and I don't see why you would want to. Can't you just resize the window to whatever size you want? Why do you need a specific resolution, and why doesn't a maximized window work for you?

It's for religious reasons, unrelated to lag.

Sounds like you were on one of the servers that prevents people from placing router next to each other.

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Servers automatically shuffle to a new map after a game-over. And, yes, the server will run on Pi, as as long as it has Java installed.

In the game, it can be found by going into Info->Wiki on PC, or by tapping the info button at the bottom of the menu on iOS/Android.

Plugins are posted in the #plugins Discord channel, although you can also search GitHub for them:

This would break many, many existing designs, so I'd rather not change it now.

The newest release (92) allows you to export progress as a zip file by going into Settings->Game Data. You can transfer this file between devices to import their data.

Not without rooting your phone, no. It's planned for a future release.

Are you running an old version? That DLL is packaged in the zip right next to the Mindustry executable file; you shouldn't have any issues with it.

Only you can answer that question.

I've considered it, but there's still a lot more to be done before it's ready for the Switch, e.g. controller support. The developer kit is also quite expensive.

Yes. You are allowed to publish practically any sort of Mindustry content anywhere you like.

The 64-bit and 32-bit versions were swapped. Download it again and try running the game.

Fixed. Download the mac version again and see if that works.

Fixed. Download the mac version again and see if that works.

The shield shader doesn't compile on that computer. Run the latest version and let me know if it launches.

Try the newest build (version 90) and let me know what happens.

Be more specific. Which file?

Titanium is found in the Stained Mountains zone, to the right.

Run the new 89 version and let me know if that works.