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Wave scaling needs a bit of work right now; some of them seem to be too hard, especially on specific linear maps like Grasslands. I'm re-balancing the enemy amounts right now.

The music was made by RoccoW: https://soundcloud.com/roccow/tracks. There should be download links for the songs used in the game if you scroll down long enough; I forget th. Although, it is worth noting, the music wasn't made specifically for Mindustry; I just found it by looking around for copyright-free chiptune music on FreeMusicArchive.

I forgot about that; it should be there now.

It should be R for 2.0, or the scrollwheel for the new 3.0 beta.

This is due to a limitation of the engine. In a later version, I might be able to work around it.

I'm going to start laying the foundations for multiplayer in the next update (4.0), and see how hard it is to implement. If the whole thing turns out to be feasible, it might be done relatively soon (where 'relatively' is "probably less than half a year"). Keep in mind there's a lot of other things I need to implement before multiplayer becomes a priority.

Yes, of course! Even though the new block information boxes help a little, they still don't have things like map descriptions, strategies, enemy information or more detailed info on block usage. If you want, I can add a link to the wiki on this game page, once you've created it.

Just found the cause. This should be fixed in Beta 2.

A bit of both. This is definitely the biggest update so far, so it's taking a long time to fix bugs and balance things. I also have exams happening, which slows things down quite a lot. In any case, I was planning to release a beta version for PC tomorrow, for testing.

The main reason is that it's very annoying to control the player character through two joysticks on mobile.

Replied to Dae in Mindustry comments

Hello! I would appreciate your help localizing my game. However, currently all the text in the game is stored in the code itself; I'll have to set up a localization system and move everything into separate files before any work can be done. I'm not sure how long this will take, but I will notify you when it's done so we can discuss details.

LibGDX- it's a Java game framework. Link

This is bizzare. Are these enemies shooting anything at all? How fast are they? I encountered something like this bug once in testing, but I thought it was fixed. Which wave did this start occurring on?

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Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac, so there's no way for me to test it yet. You're not the only one with issues with the Mac version, though, so I'll try and upload a slightly modified version next release, and see if you (and other people) continue having issues.

EDIT: Apparently, it might be caused by a specific version of OS X. What version are you using?

They're very similar to smelters. You need to input one titanium and one steel into them, which makes them output one dirium item.

Thank you! I will look into implementing a door system for the next update.

Most, if not all of the new blocks/resources/enemies have already been implemented. What remains to be done:

  • New maps (including sandbox maps)
  • Different wave structure (with later waves being more varied instead of just more enemies)
  • Improved enemy AI
  • Finish up a few blocks
  • New tutorial (since the current one is broken, and doesn't cover the new power system)
  • Possibly new sound effects for some blocks and enemies that don't have any
  • Balancing and testing of everything that's been added

How long will this take? I don't know, and with finals coming up, I may not be able to have a lot of time to work on this. I would estimate it should be done in 3 weeks, maybe a bit longer if something comes up.

I'll see if I can add a sandbox map in the 3.0 update.

For now, I would recommend you switch to 'easy' mode if it gets too difficult (currently, this can be done at any time). Also, the map you're playing on is probably the second hardest, so that might explain it.

I keep changing my mind about this problem. Some people say that the game becomes too easy after certain waves, others (like you) say it gets too hard. The problem may be with the way wave enemies are scaled, or maybe I need to have later waves have more time in-between. 

Regardless, which map are you playing on, and on what difficulty? 

Thanks! This has been added to the list of things to fix for 3.0.

Yep, it is: here's the github. Are you referring to the possibility or adding multiplayer yourself, or in general?

Unfortunately, I've changed (and broken) a bunch of other stuff with the core as well, so it'll have to wait until I release 3.0.

Actually, I've already made it 3x3 (and changed the starting base accordingly).

I can't give you a specific date, but it should take a month, maybe shorter or longer. It's hard to tell: there's also a huge list of things to implement for 3.0, and some may take longer or shorter than expected. Many are already  implemented (power system, new liquids, etc) but there's still so much to do, and that's not even counting bugfixing time.

This can't really be fixed, as it is caused by the pixelated screen. You can try disabling "smooth camera" in the settings, which might help a little bit.

Yep, I'm planning on adding a sorter/separator block in 3.0.

Nice! I should really add a level importer sometime soon

If you want to start with every resource (and some other debug features), you can run the .JAR file through the command-line with 

java -jar desktop-1.0.jar -debug

to enable debugging. There's a bunch of random keys mapped to things like spawning a wave, but it's not documented anywhere.

There should be a fullscreen button in the bottom right corner of the screen (on web, anyway). As for the bridge tile, a junction block should do what you've asked; it should it be in the third block tab. I'll see if I can implement something similar to a door.

Thanks-- the inconsistent flow is probably caused by the fact that conduits have a maximum water capacity and speed, and if you have 20+ pumps pumping into a single conduit it won't flow fast enough for the water to leave before the conduit fills up, leading to a slower flow than many separate pipes.

Well, actually, the source code is public here, so if you'd like, you can make a fork of the code and edit the game as you want. Although, I'm not sure how much coding experience you have, so it might take some effort to set everything up for building the game.

(as for your question about turret health and damage, it's defined programmatically inside the WeaponBlocks class, or in this source file)

Alright, I've added it to the development code, although the keys are E/R-- I didn't want to re-map the current rotate key and confuse people.

You can save your game, but only on PC or Android. The web version doesn't support saving (not yet, anyway).

Are you referring to rotating blocks that are already placed, or blocks that you have selected?

The Linux version works for me, and I don't have a mac, so unfortunately I have no way to test it. The binary file format seems to be correct, so I don't think there's anything I can do. Sorry.

I'm planning on implementing large multi-block turrets and walls in 3.0, which should address the one-shot problem. As for sorting, that should be coming in 3.0 too, when I implement block configurations. Teleporters might help with that as well.


Thank you! A comprehensive tutorial is already planned for 2.3, and I'll see if I can implement the conveyor warning, if it doesn't end up looking too intrusive.

Replied to G3l0 in Mindustry comments

Not yet. Future versions should be able to support this, though.

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Do you happen to have a screenshot of the error message? It would also be helpful to know what platform you're playing on (PC or Android).

EDIT: I did some testing, and found a major issue-- did you happen to have any empty conduit blocks placed on the map? Those cause an error when saving; I'll upload a fix now.