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Thanks! I was planning on implementing a difficulty slider, but ran out of time. And yep, Super Crate Box was one of the inspirations for this game.

Those aren't supposed to be there; I forgot to remove them while testing combat. Use the mouse instead.

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Which browser are you using?

EDIT: if you're referring to the attack keys in the "controls" menu, those are unused (I was testing out combat and forgot to remove them). Just use the mouse instead.

If you're using the starter sword, most enemies can be killed with one or two charge attacks. Perhaps this should've been more clear, but the staff is only supposed to be used in situations where it's very hard to use a sword, and thus staves have very low damage. 

As for weapon switching, I'm not sure how to make it easier-- there's already scrollwheel and number selection support...?

This was made using libGDX and Java. (I wouldn't call it an engine, really-- it's more of a framework)

@Yriclium Ah, sorry about that. I think I fixed most of the crashes in a post-jam version of the game (which I will release once judging is over)