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really good game!

1 bugs:

2:going into your mech upgrade screen and hitting the speed upgrade will write over the previous text

spelling errors

during the tutorial Defenses are spelt wrong (two f's)

wait im confused. is it Pokio or Pokyo? the term seems to be used interchangably.

Pokio Housholds typo: figth instead of fight

When selecting episode 2/3, coming was spelt with two m's.

EDIT: for some reason now my allies arent helping. (a restart fixed that)

and my upgrades, gold and tech wasnt saved.


airstrike should be slightly stronger.

maybe the tanks spawn automatically from the wall and push forward? If you do do that, maybe make more tanks than right now, as the tanks die really quickly.

Hey BORKNET! Thanks for the feedback!  What version are you playing with? (zip name)
If you want to give us more feedback or chat, you can do it in our discord or social networks. 

We will be happy to hear  from you here:

I write down these spelling mistakes! hehe, we are from Uruguay,  English is not our lenguage, so we thank you for taking the time to write to us.
PS:  there are 3 upgrades of the missiles in the full game! ;)

Nacho  from Doble Punch